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Pro-Christina Kirchner demonstrations gather thousands of people in Argentina |  Globalism

Pro-Christina Kirchner demonstrations gather thousands of people in Argentina | Globalism

On Saturday (27) thousands of people demonstrated in public squares and avenues in Argentina in support of Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who is facing a corruption trial, with prosecutors asking for 12 years in prison and a life political disability.

A protest was called on social media. Christina Kirchner and 12 others were charged with the offenses of illegal association and fraudulent aggravated management in a public works tender corruption case when she was president (2007-2015).

A police barrier prevents pro-Christina Kirchner protesters from advancing in Buenos Aires – Photo: LUIS ROBAYO / AFP

The city government of Buenos Aires, controlled by the right-wing opposition Horacio Laretta, has ordered the installation of a fence to prevent protesters from reaching the corner of Cristina’s home, the center of last week’s vigil and demonstrations.

“The fences erected by Mr. Laretta represent more than just blocking freedom of movement,” Christina wrote on social media. “They want to ban the peaceful and cheerful expression of love and support that takes place in the face of the already inevitable persecution of the judiciary,” he said.

Police officers fire pepper spray at pro-government protesters in Buenos Aires (Photo: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP)

Officials, deputies, political, union and social leaders joined the advocacy at Recoleta. In other parts of the country, including Tucumán (northwest), Cordoba (central) and Rosario (central east), thousands of people also gathered and demonstrated peacefully.

The vigil in front of the building where Christina resides has been daily since last Monday (22), and the prosecution asked the court for a 12-year prison term for the former president and a life disqualification from politics.