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Prisa discovers evidence of Otto’s love at the end of Travisia

Prisa discovers evidence of Otto’s love at the end of Travisia


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love Otto (Romulo Estrella) Written by breeze (Lucy Alves) speaks louder in the last part of Transit. Hacker sends Pia (Clara Buarke) to help cleanse the girl.

To get an idea, he managed to unmask Rhoda (Guilherme Cabral) and instructs the boy to assume he made a montage using the woman’s face from Maranhão.

It continues after the announcement

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next to not (Indira Nascimento), Otto watches Rhoda’s statement to the police. He advises the teen to tell him that he is responsible for the deepfakes that nearly ended his previous life.

Romulo Estrella plays Otto in Travisia

Interact with the breeze with Otto

After helping Ibn Guide (Alessandra Negrini) At the police station, Otto still encourages the boy to tell everything to his family. Likewise, he asks him to back off with Prisa.

The seamstress discovers the story and is amazed with a mixture of surprise and relief. She guarantees she will sue the teen and still find Guida.

Terrified, dondoca begs the young woman not to punish her son. But Prisa does not back down and claims that the boy must pay to practically end his life.

Breeze (Lucy Alves) in Travisia

In addition to hearing the mad woman’s whims, Prisa learns that Otto was at the police station next door to Rhoda. Guida says that the boy was very interested in the story, especially in the woman’s cleansing of Maranhão.

Surprised, Prisa realizes that the hacker did everything for love. Thus, the young woman also decided to assume that she was still in love with her ex-husband. So much so that, later on, she confesses to Tininha (Camila Rocha). “saved my life”She says, ready to get back together with the handsome guy.