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Prince Philip's funeral takes place on Saturday (17) in Windsor  The National Gazette

Prince Philip’s funeral takes place on Saturday (17) in Windsor The National Gazette

In the United Kingdom, attention is focused on Windsor, where Prince Philip’s funeral will take place on Saturday (17).

This is a city used for great royal celebrations. Another global concern was the wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle in 2018.

The crowd on the street is a now unimaginable sight at Prince Philip’s funeral. The authorities have already asked people to watch everything on TV.

Under current UK pandemic rules, funerals can collect a maximum of 30 people. The Queen’s husband will be no different. Buckingham Palace said Elizabeth II faced “very difficult decisions” in selecting the guests. Originally, it would be 800.

The main nucleus of the family will be there with the queen: the four children and the eight grandchildren. This will be the first meeting of Princes William and Harry since Harry and Meghan criticized the royal family in an interview with American TV in March.

Megan did not come from the United States. Since she is pregnant, the doctors did not authorize the trip. Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t attend the party either, so more relatives could attend.

It will be a small funeral, but with many traditions, like a parade. The coffin goes to Windsor Castle Church in a car that has been adapted for the occasion by Philip himself in recent years.

On Friday (16 years old), the Queen and Philip’s youngest son, Prince Edward, visited St.George’s Church with his family.

The funeral will take approximately one hour on Saturday (17). The ceremony begins with a minute of silence across the country.