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Prince Harry has returned to America after a brief visit by King Charles in Britain

Prince Harry has returned to America after a brief visit by King Charles in Britain

According to global press reports, Prince Harry traveled to England to reunite with his father. Photos show Meghan Markle was not by her side in the early hours of the morning at London's Heathrow Airport. Harry and Meghan Markle's team confirmed that Harry spoke to his father after receiving the diagnosis. Meghan chose to stay at her home in Montecito, California in the US with her two children: Prince Archie, four, and Princess Lilibet, two.

A visit to the king

Harry was spotted returning to California in the US on Thursday (8) afternoon, wearing a gray T-shirt, dark jeans and a blue jacket, after just a 24-hour visit to King Charles III. He landed in America around 2 pm.

Despite the Duke of Sussex's visit, royal sources say there are no plans for a meeting between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.

King Charles III's fight against cancer

Harry's visit comes at a delicate time for the royal family, shortly after Buckingham Palace announced the monarch's cancer diagnosis.

King Charles III poses at his home in Buckingham (Photo: Reproduction/Samir Hussain)

Recently, the 75-year-old king underwent treatment for a benign enlarged prostate. After spending three nights in a private hospital in London and undergoing a procedure to resolve the issue, Buckingham Palace announced it was suspending public engagements to restore privacy. During treatment, an additional concern emerged, which was identified as a form of cancer. Now, he will be treated on an outpatient basis for this new condition.

Featured image: Prince Harry and King Charles III (Reproduction/The Crosby Group)