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Prince Harry has promised King Charles that he will return to England

Prince Harry has promised King Charles that he will return to England

Prince Harry His father, The King Charles IIIMeghan Markle's husband is now ready to fly the flag of peace after his cancer diagnosis welcomed him to England for a quick reunion.

Prince Harry on father's health: 'It brings families together'

The Duke of Sussex took on the role of 'peacemaker' amid the row, reportedly with his family in England, and changed his tone to say he would be moving to the UK soon.

During the “one year to go” celebrations of the “Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025”, Harry started a candid chat on “Good Morning America”.

Speaking to journalist Will Reeve, the Duke not only mentioned his father's diagnosis but also hinted at the possibility of returning to the UK this year to reunite with his family.

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Tom the pacifist

Royal Author Dr. Tessa Dunlop proved that Harry is “no longer angry” with his family after all the conflict and accusations.

Speaking to The Mirror earlier this week, the expert said:

“Harry and Meghan had a busy three days in British Columbia preparing competitors for next year's inaugural Invictus Winter Games,” he said.

Prince Harry avoids meeting Queen Camilla

“But the prince's 'dedication to serve' didn't make headlines. His quick references to his family grabbed everyone's attention,” he opined.

“Harry was direct. As soon as his father told him he had cancer, he jumped on a plane and met the king,” she explained.

“It wasn't long (30-45 minutes), but Harry felt grateful for any time with his father,” the expert said, making it clear that he wasn't complaining about anything this time.

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The informant reveals details of Harry's meeting with King Charles

Good manners?

Dunlop said Harry's anger had now “gone away”:

“The anger is gone, this is Harry, the peacemaker, the conciliator. 'Look', he insists, 'I love my family,' before admitting, 'Any illness, any illness brings families together,'” the woman noted.

Then she continued: “The problem is Harry doesn't belong to any family.”

“The sad time he was afforded with the ailing King Charles (despite the air miles and expense) indicated the rarefied world the duke's father occupied.”

Prince Harry is considering US citizenship

“Being your grandmother, the late queen, as king at 75 is a big and sad task, especially when you are so sick.”

“Harry's comment on seeing his father could mean 'luck', which could explain why the Duke is on his best behavior right now,” Dunlop suggested.

“When asked about the king's status, he replied, 'That's between me and him.'

“Harry is clearly keen to prove himself trustworthy, but is it too little, too late?” asked the expert.

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