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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pampered in England and treated like royalty in Germany, the newspaper says.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are touring Europe. Last Monday, the 5th, the two were at a Young World Summit in the United Kingdom, where the Duchess of Sussex gave a speech on gender equality.

However, according to Daily Mail reports, the two were not well received by the British people there, who even booed the couple’s arrival.

During her seven-minute speech, Meghan made 54 references to herself and talked a lot about her own history, according to the British newspaper.

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Meghan and Harry didn’t stay on royal soil for long. They also had a meeting at the Invictus Games event in Germany.

Unlike the British, the Germans welcomed the couple, who were now given the treatment of visiting heads of state, though ordinary citizens.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex walked the red carpet where hundreds of people awaited their arrival. Local police closed intersections and set up barricades so that the couple’s entourage could pass without traffic jams.

What a difference, right?

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