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Prince Charles Foundation under police investigation

Prince Charles Foundation under police investigation

charitable foundation Prince Foundation, which is maintained and commanded by Prince Charles, is officially the subject of a police investigation. According to information received from the BBC in London, the Metropolitan Police (Metropolitan) on Thursday, 17 Thursday, opened an investigation into the founding of the future king of the United Kingdom into accusations that a charitable foundation gave a tribute to a Saudi magnate.

The Metropolitan Police is investigating the alleged fraud establishment under the Honor (Prevention of Abuse) Act of 1925.

Clarence House, the residence of the Crown Prince and the brand behind Prince Charles, reiterated that it was “not aware of the alleged offer of honors or British citizenship on the basis of a donation to charity”. Royal sources say it is the charity, not Charles himself, that is under investigation, according to the report. news.au.

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A complaint, filed by Britain’s Republic Group, forwarded documents to Scotland Yard indicating that Prince Charles and his former adviser had violated the Honor (Prevention of Abuse) Act of 1925.

According to the documents, a former adviser to Charles had coordinated the support to honor Saudi businessman Mahfouz Merhi Mubarak, after he donated $1 billion to the Prince’s Foundation. This support would have been given as a general tribute to Mahfouz who would also have been helped to secure British citizenship and the Order of Knighthood.

Michael Fawcett, Charles’s former adviser, resigned in September last year, when the documents first surfaced. He was the CEO of the Prince Foundation.

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In 2003, Michael was acquitted of allegations of financial misconduct over the sale of royal benefits and was appointed CEO of The Prince’s Foundation in 2018 following the reorganization of Charles Charities.

A Prince’s Foundation spokesperson previously said: “The Prince’s Foundation takes allegations that have recently been brought to its attention very seriously, and the matter is currently under investigation. We are extremely proud of The Prince’s Foundation’s charitable work and the positive impact it is having on our beneficiaries across the UK and around the UK. world. Our educational and training programs, in particular, benefit more than 15,000 people each year and provide our students with the skills and confidence they need to land a job or start their own business.”