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Prevent Young from inheriting R$62 million due to his inactivity; understand the situation

A 26-year-old Australian girl inherited a colossal fortune of $12 million, but she is unable to get the money. This is because she is breaking two rules of her father’s will: to get a job and help the community in some way.

But the girl, named Claire Brown, says her father’s request is out of reach. Now she is defying her father’s wishes in court in a quarrel with the rest of the family. “Give me what is rightfully mine. I suffer”She demanded in an interview with Australia’s “A Current Affair”, on Tuesday (21).

Can you please stop all the ‘I’m getting a job’ business?Claire said. “I’m broke and I can’t do anything about it”, continued. Claire currently lives with his wife and 1-year-old daughter in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The family receives aid from the government to survive. This is a very different reality than when she was younger, as she was living in a $5 million (about R$20 million) apartment.

Claire Brown is married to Lauren Barr. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Her father Christopher Hyland provided her with a very wealthy life, as she attended one of the most prestigious schools in the city. In recent years, the young woman has been receiving from him a subsidy of 500 US dollars (about 2,600 Brazilian reais) per week, in addition to state assistance. But Claire said she had to contact the government because her father “continued to cut funding”. She even claimed that she had been subjected to “financial abuse”.

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Christopher Hyland passed away in January of this year. (Photo: Playback / Ongoing Case)

When Christopher died in January, Claire inherited the millions her father had made in the stock exchange, with only two conditions: work and contribute to society. The main reason for her inability to fulfill her father’s demand, according to the young woman, is due to serious mental health issues, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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“I understand why these people would want me to be an active member of society, but you have to look at my diagnosis and realize that’s not going to happen.”She said. Claire was also diagnosed with high-grade autism. The wife, Lauren, explained that the young woman struggled to complete daily tasks. She has no executive function in her head.Lauren said.

“I will not learn to drive (for example) Because I have ADHD. I have an interest in a mosquito.”Claire pointed out. “Our cats will not be fed, they will starve because they will not remember that they need to eat.” Lauren incarnation. The spouses say that the heiress should follow a written list of what needs to be done for the day. However, Claire’s family claims the circumstances will be excusable.

“Instead of agreeing to her late father’s wish, she disobeyed his trust.”Claire’s cousin Jamie said. “We are on the edge. We have done nothing but love Claire.”As he claimed. Jimmy’s twin brother is the one who lives in the late Christopher’s ex-house. They made a deal years ago that the young man would do some renovations to the lord and could live there for free.

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Claire’s cousin Jamie fights her in court. (Photo: Playback / Ongoing Case)

The heiress worked for the NGO Autism Australia and tried to be a barista elsewhere, but lasted less than half an hour on the job. It is a member of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, an Australian government program that supports people with disabilities. According to her, the project budget was reduced and, as a result, reduced support for this group for obtaining suitable jobs. “I only want what is right for me. My parents would be ashamed to see the way they treat me.”, exploded. Watch the channel report:

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Claire’s mother-in-law Ruth Barr told the Daily Mail that her daughter-in-law can’t work because she “hates crowds, can’t focus and people hate her because she’s gay”.