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Premiere, preview, and everything we know about the special that accompanies Captain Kirk's voyage into space Rolling Stone

Premiere, preview, and everything we know about the special that accompanies Captain Kirk’s voyage into space Rolling Stone

During CCXP Worlds 21, Amazon Prime Video’s Shatner in Space was officially (and exclusively) announced.

William Shatnerastro do Captain Kirk in a Star Trek, became the largest person in history to make a trip to space in October 2021. On board the rocket blue origin, from Jeff Bezos, the actor recorded all the preparations and experience – which led to Shatner in spaceAmazon Prime Video.

As I mentioned before omeletteThe special was announced exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video panel during CCXP Worlds 21 – He was even promoting a star Star Trek. Check out everything we know about production Shatner in space (“Shatner in Space”, in free translation):

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Shatner in Space: Istria

During CCXP Worlds 21, declared that private Shatner in space It premieres December 15 on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In Brazil and other countries, production will be available in the catalog in early 2022.

Shatner in Space: Is que se trata?

Special accompanying preparation William Shatner to make the symbolic flight into space in October 2021. Also, Shatner in space It documents the unique experience of extra-atmospheric travel – especially for someone in their 90s – with unprecedented footage.

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Shatner in Space: Qual o formato?

As announced in CCXP Worlds 21 The special will be one hour long, with unreleased footage. In addition to notarizing the star before entering the ship, Shatner in space Scenes from inside the missile will be shown.

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Shatner in Space: Previa

During CCXP Worlds 21Amazon Prime Video has also released the first preview of the special video. according to omelette, video by Shatner Inside the rocket talks about what it feels like to leave Earth: “The absence of gravity…Oh my God! I can’t believe it. I can’t describe anything like that.”

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