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'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Roslyn approaches Mexican coast |  Globalism

‘Potentially catastrophic’ Hurricane Roslyn approaches Mexican coast | Globalism

Hurricane Rosslyn, which in a few hours intensified to Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, was heading this Saturday (22) to the Mexican Pacific coast, where it is supposed to arrive Sunday morning (23).

A major hurricane is classified above Category 3 and considered catastrophic.

The phenomenon recorded steady winds of 215 km/h at 15:00 GMT (12:00 GMT), about 240 km from the port of Manzanillo in the western Mediterranean. Mexico. The US National Hurricane Center said Roslin was moving at 13 kilometers per hour, heading north-northwest.

The commission added that the hurricane will weaken as it approaches the coast, but “is expected to be close to or remain a major hurricane when it makes landfall on Sunday.”

According to NHC forecasts, Roslin could reach the coast of the Mexican state of Nayarit on Sunday morning. This is an area where fishing communities are located.

The passage of this phenomenon will affect other states on the Pacific coast, in particular Jalisco, Colima (west) and Sinaloa (northwest), where a precautionary decision has been issued for the effects of the hurricane.

Roslin graduated Friday night (21) and caused torrential rain and high waves in coastal states. The Mexican Meteorological Service warned that “rains caused by this system can generate landslides, an increase in the level of rivers and streams, floods and floods.”