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Portugal reaberto para brasileiros com teste negativo para covid-19

Portugal reopens its doors to Brazilians; Test requirements

Banrutas / Renato Machado

Portugal reopens to Brazilians who test negative for Covid-19

Portugal has reopened the borders for Brazilian leisure travelers. Show A negative test (PCR or antigen) for covid-19 is the only requirement for entry In the European country, therefore vaccination is not mandatory. It is also not necessary to carry out a quarantine upon arrival. The Portuguese government took the action officially yesterday (31 August) by order Valid already as of today, September 1st.

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Molecular PCR testing must be issued within 72 hours prior to boarding. A rapid antigen test needs a maximum of 48 hours in advance.

This result may be required at the time of check-in and baggage check, upon boarding and at the immigration office in Portugal.

If you have been vaccinated, it is advisable to take your proof of vaccination with you, but it is worth it: vaccination is not mandatory to enter Portugal, it is sufficient to take a PCR test or a negative antigen test.

In principle, the Portuguese government’s order is valid until September 16. In addition to Brazil, Portugal included the United States in the ranking.

Visitors who have been vaccinated in the European Union and who have a digital certificate acceptable to the continent are exempt from taking the test.

It should be noted that even before the pandemic, obtaining travel insurance was mandatory for visits to all Schengen countries, and of course, this stickiness was not at all so important.

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