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Portugal has surpassed 6 million dose vaccines.  40% of the population has already started vaccinating - Observer

Portugal has surpassed 6 million dose vaccines. 40% of the population has already started vaccinating – Observer

About 10,000 Britons left Foro on Saturday

Portugal’s departure from the “green list” of travel to the UK reached a “peak” of about 10,000 departures from Borough Airport on Saturday, with a fall expected today, the head of Alcarve Tours said.

“Yesterday [sábado] There was a concentration of about 10,000 British passengers departing, but it was also interesting to note that 2,500 arrived during the same period. So, despite the British rules, more Brits are coming to Algarve, ”Jonah Fernandez told Lusa.

The head of the Alcarve Tourism Region (RDA) admitted that there were “certain restrictions at the airport” in the Faroe Islands due to increased traffic to the United Kingdom by passengers attempting to return before Tuesday, the day of their entry into Portugal. The trip has now been dropped from the “green list” due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

Jono Fernandes explained that “many of them were forced to expect British” travelers “to arrive in the country before Tuesday” and thus escape the obligation to carry out 10 days of isolation and two trips to Govt-19. Period due to action taken by the British Government on all travelers coming to the United Kingdom from Portugal.

The RTA chief explained that in the ‘check-in’ area, especially on flights to the UK, “today is quieter” and “fewer passengers are returning than yesterday”. [sábado], Which was the culmination of this visit ”.

Jono Fernandez pointed out two reasons to justify accumulating in the ‘check-in’ zone: one was related to the human resources provided by the airlines and the other was not filling out the forms required for the UK.

“With these British government jigsaw puzzles, [as companhias aéreas] They do not provide the human resources to open many windows, no, so they accumulate taxes at certain check-in points, ”he argued.

The other reason is that travelers who do not have a ‘check-in’ and “Passenger Location Form” must submit information to an online site with a specific code, which is the duty of the British government to enter the United Kingdom, “said Jono Fernandez.

“Many travelers, especially the elderly, who are deprived of information, do not even have the latest generation mobile phone, which is difficult to comply with. They take more time to come to the ‘check-in’ because they have to fill out the form,” he said.

Alcarve officials have increased the ability to test Covit-19 at Foro Airport and various parts of the region, “especially on weekends,” and have made tourists feel better when arriving and staying at hotels. Goes to the airport to catch return flights.

“Yesterday [sábado] It has already been reinforced with a truck to test people at the airport, ”Joao Fernandez said, adding that“ there is no one to board because there is no check.

Regarding return flights, Jono Fernandez pointed out that airlines and tour operators are strengthening their ability to respond to return flight requests, citing the example of the “Tui that brought a Boeing 787 with a capacity of 300 passengers”. , More can be sent back before Tuesday.

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