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Portugal approves work visas that benefit Brazilians;  See how it works

Portugal approves work visas that benefit Brazilians; See how it works

Portugal, Thursday (21), approved a legal package for immigrants that facilitates the granting of work visas to citizens of Brazil and other countries belonging to the group of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The group of Portuguese-speaking countries consists of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, and East Timor.

This procedure creates a new type of visa aimed at people from the CPLP who are looking for work in the European country. The document allows foreigners to stay in Portugal for 120 days, with the right for an extendable 60-day period, in order to obtain an employment contract.

During the visa period, the professional can apply for a residence permit (AR) to settle housing, if appointed.

To obtain the document, a citizen cannot have a criminal record and must have a return ticket to the country of origin, because the visa is temporary.

Visa applicants will also need to prove a minimum income, the value of which has not been established and will be disclosed in a decree, which has not yet been published.

If an employment contract is not signed within the specified period, the rule states that foreigners from the CPLP must leave Portugal and can request a new application for a certain visa one year after the expiration of the previous document.

The bill is from the Socialist Party and was approved by the Cabinet of the Portuguese Parliament. The text goes to President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to punish him.

After the penalty, it takes effect after its publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette. Once the visa method is already in effect, Brazilians will be able to apply for it at the Portuguese Consulate in Brazil.

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digital nomads

The procedure also provides for the creation of a visa for immigrants who are digital nomads and work remotely in Portugal to other countries, valid for professionals for their private account and employees of foreign companies.

Within the new rule package, CPLP aliens will have easy access to tax identification numbers, which work like a CPF; Social Security and registration in the National Health System.

According to the newspaper “Diario de Notícias”, the new measures seek to attract immigrants in an orderly and integrated way for the development of the country. Portugal faces a shortage of manpower, particularly in the service and tourism sectors.