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Portal PUC-Campinas » » Brazil-UK Technology Ecosystem Mescla is the theme of the event

Portal PUC-Campinas » » Brazil-UK Technology Ecosystem Mescla is the theme of the event

The Brazil-UK technology ecosystem was the theme of the event at Mescla

Experts presented success stories and discussed opportunities at the European Technology Center

This Thursday morning (23), Mescla from PUC-Campinas, UK-Brasil Partners in Tech – an event exploring the Brazil-United Kingdom tech ecosystem. The program also includes a lecture by Englishman Chris Moore, an expert in the field of technology, with the participation of successful businessmen cases Development in England.

Mescla Program Innovation Manager, Diane Theo de Moraes, was joined by Chris Moore, a technical expert at the UK Department of Business and Trade. British Government Trade Director Martin McComb; Head of Technology for the Americas, Arabella Hamilton; Executive Director for Trade and Investments in Brazil at the British Embassy, ​​Martin Whalley; Honorary Consul, Pierre Goldry; Members of the British Government Investment Committee, Cristiano Andrade and Julia Koch, among other officials. Entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurs, managers and company founders also participated in the program. Technology Brazilian.

The Campinas region is known for its strong presence in technology outside of Brazil. A characteristic that makes the city attractive and opens the door to connectivity with the UK, according to tech expert Chris Moore, a speaker at the event. “I’m near Cambridge, and there’s that aspect. There’s a big synergy between Campinas and this area”, recalls the expert. According to him, the country’s companies show strength to expand abroad. “I’ve been to Brazil six times. We notice how companies have grown and internationalized. So we are delighted to be here and talk about these opportunities and how Brazilian companies can position themselves in the UK,” he added.

Diane Theo de Moraes, Manager of Mezcla opened the event and welcomed the guests. Later, Eduardo Gurkel do Amaral, President of the Forum Campinas Innovatora Foundation, highlighted the importance of the meeting. “This action is very important. It goes beyond economics. When you create new technologies, the benefit spills over. So we really need this kind of positive action in terms of innovation, technology, society and sustainability,” he highlighted.

Secretary of Economic Development, Technology and Innovation of the Municipality of Campinas, Adriana Flosi, who represented Mayor Dario Sadi, spoke of the expectation that the partnership will bear fruit. “We really believe we can do business. We see a very valuable ecosystem for doing a lot of exchanges.

Cristiano Andrade of the British Government Investment Committee emphasized networking of contacts to expand the internationalization of companies. “A good example for us is that nothing is done alone. We need a network and people to make everything work. The big goal is connection. We want to get closer to you in the broader sense of the ecosystem. There is a lot of work going on between Brazil and the UK. Not only in technology, but also in many partnerships. The motivation to continue this is important” , Cristiano said.

Chris Moore then presented data on the strength of the business Technology In Europe, particularly the UK, artificial intelligence is set to inject £654 billion into the economy by 2035. Also, the data showed evidence of an environment conducive to acquiring new firms. Like in Brazil.

The expert also highlighted the importance of Campinas as a technology hub. “Campinas is one of the strongest technology centers in Brazil. It’s really interesting to be here to talk to companies and companies and help encourage them to look for opportunities in the UK,” he commented.

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After the presentation, two cases Success is brought to the participants. Solange Chopra, Partner Responsible for the company’s Ci&T – technology branch – and the company’s work in Europe, bringing the evolution of the Brazilian company with internationalization. The company was launched in 1995 and today it already has more than 150 employees in the United Kingdom and several countries in Europe.

Pablo Klein, owner of PrimeFi, an entrepreneur specializing in payment solutions, participated live from Portugal and brought his path and the company’s growth after entering the United Kingdom. Today, the work has already been carried out in 125 countries.

After the lectures, the participants were able to talk to experts and get tips on how to continue the company’s internationalization process.

Carlos Giacomelli

March 23, 2023