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Popó x Bambam: After much provocation, the competitors finally arrive in the ring |  fighting

Popó x Bambam: After much provocation, the competitors finally arrive in the ring | fighting

There have been months of teasing and a lot of hype surrounding the fight, and this Saturday, in São Paulo, Acelino Popo and Kleber Bambam will take part in the main fight of the Fight Music Show. Despite the unusual duel between the boxing legend and the BBB winner, it cannot be denied that the challenge caught the attention of many people.

You can follow the main card of Fight Music Show 4 live fighting This Saturday from 9:45 pm (Brasilia time). The fight takes place between Popo and Bambam Globo TV after Supercin The preliminary card will be broadcast live from 7 p.m anti youtube And by Combate.com.

Popo (left) and Bambam (right) exchange provocations in the final confrontation before the fight – Photo: Clone

Since Acellino fought Bobo and Henderson Nunes at FMS 1, the four-time world boxing champion has been the target of a series of challenges. After defeating Pele Landy and Junior Doble in the following editions of the show, he finally succumbed to Cléber Bambam's provocations and agreed to face the inaugural Big Brother Champion Brazil.

From that moment on, Bambam, who called himself the “Brazilian McGregor,” annoyed his rival on social media, which ignited a rivalry between them. Bobo looked very annoyed with his opponent because of this.

-He's been harassing me for months, no matter what. Now is the time for me to get it all out. Who will pay? BamBam – said in an interview with fighting.

– He will see the fan when it turns on and blow it on his head. I will blow it all up. This is the reality! BamBam promised, which he repeated throughout the week, that he would “shock the world.”

Learn about the confrontation between Bobo and Clipper Bambam in FMS4

At the Libra ceremony, which was held on Friday evening, the atmosphere was tense, but the group responsible for that did not need to be summoned, as the provocations between the two were limited to exchanging words.

FMS 4 will feature other unusual battles, such as the duel between funk artists Nego do Borel and MC Gui, who had a tense and competitive battle, almost brawling.

The Freitas will also be represented by Emmeline Juarez, Bobo's wife, who will face Fernanda Lacerda, Mendegata, in the third to last fight of the night.

Watch the showdown between Nego do Borel and MC Gui at FMS4

Fight Music Show 4, which has been sold out for more than a week, will also feature other boxing bouts and some mixed martial arts bouts in the qualifiers. Check out the full card below: