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Pope rejects Marx's resignation: 'He is still the Archbishop of Munich'

Pope rejects Marx’s resignation: ‘He is still the Archbishop of Munich’

Letter from Francis to the Cardinal resigned due to the situation of the German Church in the face of abuse of minors: “I thank you for your Christian courage that is not afraid of humiliation in the face of the immense reality of sin. Enduring crisis, personally and collectively, is the only fruitful path “

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“If you are inclined to think that by affirming your letter and not accepting your resignation, this bishop of Rome (your brother who loves you) does not understand you, then think about what Peter felt before the Lord when, in his own way, he submitted his resignation “putting himself as a sinner and hearing the answer Feed my sheep.”

This image completes the file paper In which Pope Francis rejected the resignation offered by the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who on May 21 wrote a letter – later published – explaining the reasons for his gesture.

Marx had asked the Pope to be able to leave the administration of the Diocese of Germany due to the scandal of abuse in Germany and the response he considered inadequate from the episcopate.

The Pope, in the message published by the Press Room of the Holy See in Spanish and German, thanks Marx for “Christian courage that is not afraid of the cross, that is not afraid of humiliation in the face of the enormous reality of sin.”

Francisco recalls that “the whole Church is in crisis because of the state of abuse” that “the Church today cannot take a step forward without assuming this crisis” because “the politics of the ostrich leads nowhere, and the crisis must be endured by us. Paschal faith. Sociology And psychology is useless.” Therefore, “confronting the crisis, personally and collectively, is the only fruitful path, because one does not come out of the crisis alone, but from society.”

The Pope agrees with the description of the crisis suggested by Marx’s letter: “I agree with you in describing the sad history of sexual abuse and the way the Church until recently treated it as a catastrophe. Realizing this hypocrisy in the way we live. Our faith is a blessing, it is a first step that we must We take it. We must embrace history, personally and as a society. We cannot remain indifferent to this crime. Acceptance means putting oneself in crisis.”

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Francesco adds, “It is true that historical situations must be interpreted with the interpretation of the time in which they occurred, but this does not absolve us from taking them and considering them a history of the sin that surrounds us.” In my opinion, every bishop in the Church must bear this and ask himself: What shall I do in the face of This catastrophe?

The Pope recalls the “mistake” repeated many times “in the face of the many historical errors of the past”. Today, he explains: “We are required to reform which – in this case – does not consist of words, but of attitudes that have the courage to face the crisis, and bear the reality whatever the consequences. And every reform begins with itself.. Reform has been done in the Church by men and women who were not afraid Getting into a crisis and letting the Lord fix themselves.”

This, says the Bishop of Rome, “is the only way, otherwise we shall be no more than ‘theorists of the Reformation’ who, as Jesus did, risk not their flesh, with his life, his history, and his flesh at the intersection.” And this, Francis admits, “is the way, the way you yourself, dear brother, have taken your concession,” because “the burial of the past leads us nowhere.” Silence, omission, and placing too much importance on the prestige of institutions only leads to personal and historical failure.”

Francis defines it as “urgent” for “the Spirit to lead us into the desert of desolation, to the cross and the resurrection.” We must follow the path of the Spirit, and the starting point is humble confession: we make mistakes, we sin. Neither research nor the strength of institutions will save us. The prestige of our Church, which tends to hide its sins, will not save us. Neither the power of money nor the opinion of the media (we often rely on it a lot) will save us. We will be saved by opening the door to whoever can do it and confessing our nakedness: “I have sinned,” “We have sinned” …. and weeping and gossiping as much as possible that “Go away from me, for I am a sinner, the legacy that the first pope left to the popes and bishops of the Church.”

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“We will feel that healing shame that opens the door to the compassion and tenderness of the Lord, who is always close to us,” explains the Pope. Francis also writes that he appreciates the end of Marx’s message and his willingness to voluntarily continue “to be a priest and bishop of this Church,” committed to spiritual renewal.

“And that is my answer, dear brother – concludes the Pope. Go on as you suggest, but as Archbishop of Munich and Freising.” It is reported that the Bishop of Rome, the successor of Peter who said to Jesus “Get away from me, for I am a sinner,” can understand him well and invite him to listen to the answer that the Nazarene gave to the Prince of the Apostles: “Feed my sheep.”