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Political Schedule and Pantanal Should Help Globo Against Athletico-PR x Palmeiras on SBT

Political Schedule and Pantanal Should Help Globo Against Athletico-PR x Palmeiras on SBT

Globo, this Tuesday, should be using a file The tactic that became popular in Libertadores Day in SBT. Silvio Santos station broadcasts Atletico PR vs Palmeiras And the Marinho family channel must extend the Pantanal telenovela until 11 p.m., using the mandatory election time as a “trump card”.

According to Globo’s schedule for this Tuesday, election time begins at 8:30 p.m., which is the period when the Journal Nacional begins normally. Political propaganda is on the air until 8:55 p.m., when the newscast begins. And this is where Globo should be using its most popular products.

+ Opinion: SBT’s defeat with Libertadores for Pantanal was not bad for announcer Silvio

“JN” is the most watched news program in Brazil, as well as the TV series Pantanal, which has been a huge hit with audiences. Juma, Jove and Zé Leôncio’s story should start at 9:55 PM and end at 11:05 PM. At this time, the match between Paraná and São Paulo should take between 30 and 40 minutes from the start of the second half, if there is no delay.

In recent games, the audience for SBT has been observed to grow exponentially, which is positive for the broadcaster. However, the product lags behind Globo. Once Pantanal is over, announcer Silvio Santos usually takes the lead in the audience, but at this point Globo has already secured a win in the average of the Night Band, Brazilian television’s finest. Maximizing the range of “JN” and Pantanal ensures the overall goal.

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Historically, SBT has had a smaller audience than Globo, which has topped the ratings since the 1970s with its 8pm telenovela – which recently went on air after 9pm. The feuilleton is an establishment standardized in Brazilian homes and usually reaches numbers above 30 audience points.

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That’s why the station has adopted the strategy of extending the attraction until 11 p.m. – the opera usually ends at 10:30 p.m. In addition, Pantanal is a reproduction of the audience’s success and ramifications on the Internet. Added to this is the fact that Globo has a loyal audience in the time period to make it clear that the SBT score should be celebrated by the broadcaster.