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Police operation ends anti-vaccination protest after three weeks |  world and science

Police operation ends anti-vaccination protest after three weeks | world and science

Police end ban on anti-vaccination truck drivers in CanadaPlay / Twitter

Posted on 02/20/2022 19:13

OTTAWA – The last truck was pulled Sunday from Ottawa, Canada’s capital, after a police operation ended a three-week protest against Covid-19 protections, including vaccines.

Workers cleaned streets in the center of the capital, where riot police clashed with protesters for two days.

The last protester was in the streets until late Saturday night, the 19th, singing 1980s anthems and setting off fireworks in front of a four-meter security fence around Parliament. But the protest subsided with the arrival of a severe frost wave that swept the city, according to the French news agency.

This morning, the police were monitoring several points in the area and the security forces were occupying the terrain previously controlled by truck drivers. Two people were arrested, bringing the number of people arrested because of the demonstrations to 191.

In all, 57 vehicles were withdrawn from the city, according to officials, and for the first time since January 29, residents did not wake up to the incessant honking, which has become a symbol of the protests.

After protests that began in Ottawa, countries such as France, Belgium and New Zealand have begun to adopt ban and warning measures to prevent the progress of anti-vaccination demonstrations.

During this period, traffic was cut off from several areas of the Canadian capital and the authorities feared for the safety of the residents, due to the spread of extremist ideas by the protesters. There were people on the streets of Ottawa carrying Nazi flags, they persecuted minorities and threatened reporters.

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