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Police explained that the road signs do not indicate the way to “Round Six”.

A different sign on a road in the Thames Valley, UK, has caught the attention of many motorists. The banner contains cascading geometric shapes similar to the South Korean “Sixth Round” series. In this series, called in English “Squid Game”, the triangle, square and circle respectively represent the deadly game in which participants risk their lives to become millionaires.

These geometric figures appear on the board, and for this reason, the local police department stated, through a social network, that the signs do not indicate the way to the “sixth round”.

According to the authorities, the symbols lining the side of the road warn of a change in flow while work is being carried out on the road. “We can confirm that these signs at the M4 junction in the Thames Valley will not lead you to the popular Netflix series ‘Round 6’. Police said they only indicate alternate routes when working on the track…Brother!

The explanation, full of humor, was given by the agents after a photo of the board went viral and sparked theories from fans of the series.

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