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Jair Bolsonaro e Flávio Rocha

Pocket Entrepreneurs Press Bolsonaro Against Taxing Dividends in Tax Reform

Pocketnarista Flavio Rocha, owner of Riachuelo, who has always insisted that the CPMF be included in tax reformulations, said that the proposed model’s worst flaw is the collection of profits. Former Fiesp president, Paulo Skaff is also against

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247 – Pocket entrepreneurs are pressing Jair Bolsonaro against taxing expected dividends in the new phase of his government’s tax reform, according to Folha de Sao Paulo.

The report explained that Pocketnarista Flavio Rocha, owner of Riachuelo – “who has always insisted that the CPMF be included in the tax reformulation”, said the proposed model’s worst flaw is the dividend payment.

“The businessman says this measure could dampen production, reduce wages and threaten jobs,” the Folha team reported.

According to the column, Rocha asserts that taxation calls into question the liberal rhetoric of the government, whereby taxes on dividends should be reduced to the value of the new tax rate on dividends.

The article still highlights that Former President of Fiesp Paulo Skaf And he wants to organize a mobilization against the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Economy at the end of last month to the Chamber, complaining about the increased tax burden.

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