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Plane crash?  attacks?  meteor?  A phenomenon in the sky of Alaska became viral - 04/12/2022

Plane crash? attacks? meteor? A phenomenon in the sky of Alaska became viral – 04/12/2022

A meteorite, an extraterrestrial incursion on Earth, an attack by Russia or China against the United States, or chemicals dropped from an aircraft. These were some of the proposed interpretations of a track in the sky that was recorded in Palmer, Alaska (USA), last Thursday (7).

Alaska Department of Public Safety The crowd went to fight Conspiracy theories on the Internet, where pictures of the phenomenon spread widely. One Twitter account wrote: “Something fell to the ground over Palmer, Alaska! Definitely a metallic thing falling.”

According to the agency, there was no record of a plane crash. The answer behind the photo is scientific.

condensation trail

According to the agency, the trail of smoke that apparently appeared in the sky above Lazy Mountain is what is commonly called contil, a combination of the English words condensation trail: in Portuguese, condensation trail.

A close-up of the phenomenon that caught the eye in Alaska

Photo: reproduction

A relatively common phenomenon, contrails look like ordinary clouds, with the difference that they are more “stretched” in the sky, and look like a trace.

It is formed by condensation of water vapor from gas emitted by aircraft turbines. The hot gas comes into contact with the cold atmosphere, causing the vapor to condense and form small clouds visible from the ground.

Although planets form rapidly as the plane passes through the sky, they do not have a long life, as they dissipate within moments.

“(…) attracts speculation, but has a simple explanation. A meteorologist from NWS [Serviço Nacional de Meteorologia dos Estados Unidos] One netizen said it might have been a condensation effect from a plane lit up by the rising sun.”

chemical trace

Some Internet users still do not believe the above explanations. For them, the pathway is actually chemical compounds, chemicals dropped from the sky – an action that could have been carried out by government agents or unknown entities.

This relationship has been ignored by the scientific community, which holds that the phenomenon is inherent in the practice of flying. The Alaska Department of Public Safety said in a statement that its investigation showed that a “large commercial aircraft passed through the area” at the time the photos were taken.

The conclusion of experts at the agency is that the effect looked strange in the photo due to the sunrise occurring at the same moment, “creating a unique aerial landscape.”

In addition, clients from the division went to Lazy Mountain to check if there was anything different about it, such as possible debris from a crashed plane, for example. nothing was found.

On the Internet, where the photos spread, debates continued over whether the authorities were telling the truth days after the photo was recorded.

“This hit a mountain in Alaska a few days ago. Local authorities sent a helicopter to investigate. They reported nothing. Now they say it was a jet from a plane. It doesn’t look like any of that to me and looks like classic cover,” said another profile.

“What’s in this photo taken over Lazy Mountain in Alaska? Authorities say plane runways. Others say meteorite, plane, or aliens. Search is over, no planes or meteorites. What’s left?” Another user is joking.

* With information from the Futurism website

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