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PL offers proportional discounts to those who save

Representative Eduardo da Fonte, of PP-PE, is responsible for creating Invoice 3111/21, in which he created the Electricity Account Discount System (Sidluz). The program announced by the federal government comes in favor of those who have been able to save energy, and apply discounts commensurate with consumption in Electricity bill. This promise has been fulfilled, given the current hydropower crisis in the country, which is threatening public power outages, according to experts.

The procedure will give beneficiaries direct discounts on Electricity bill, still being applied in January 2022. For a better understanding, a citizen who was able to save 10% to 20% of consumption, between September and December 2021, compared to the same period in 2020, will benefit from the discount. It should be remembered that the discount does not need to be ordered, it is applied directly to the account.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the reduction will be R$0.50 for every R$0.50 per kilowatt-hour (kilowatt-hour) saved. In this way, it is estimated that about 35.5 million Brazilians will benefit from this measure, so that approximately 2.4 billion Brazilian reals will be distributed in deductions.

Reflection of the water crisis

Currently, Sidluz comes to replace the new water scarcity tariff flag, established by the National Electric Energy Agency (episode), to run between September 2021 and April 2022, which was created in response to the current water crisis that the country is going through.

The source of the new flag criticizes, saying, “The new tariff flag being levied on the electricity bill for Brazilians is R$14.20 per 100 kWh, which is 42% higher than the already priced Level 2”. high for the population.” In addition, he tells the MP that “even if the population reduces energy consumption, their bill will be more expensive, penalizing those who reduce consumption.”

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According to the author of the new project Science It will not be effective in promoting the energy savings that Brazil needs, because it will not contribute to the rationalization of consumption and will only be used as a collection mechanism for energy distributors.

“The discount incentive on the electricity bill is more efficient at getting residents to reduce their consumption than the random increase promoted by Aneel, with the new tariff science of water scarcity,” says the MP. Finally, it must be remembered that the project is categorically addressed and will be analyzed by the Committees of Mines and Energy; finance and taxation; Constitution, justice and citizenship.

How to save on electricity bill

It should be noted that until April, they are kept in Brazil The science of water scarcity, that is, for every 100 kWh used, the consumer pays an additional fee of R$ 14.20. So, in order not to be afraid of the next bills, the correct solution is to change your consumption habits. Here are some practices that can be taken to reduce costs:

  • give preference to LED lamps, because they consume less and last up to ten times longer;
  • When buying a device, make sure that it has the energy-saving Procel Class A seal, which is the champion of economy;
  • Do not connect multiple appliances to the same outlet with T, as this can cause the wires to heat up, waste energy and even cause serious accidents;
  • Turn off the fan and/or humidifier whenever you stop using the environment;
  • Turn off TV, radio, and video games when no one is using them. Standby (device connected) indicates that it consumes as little power as possible to keep it in fast-start conditions.
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Other measures such as lowering the shower temperature, avoiding using the microwave to defrost food and opening the refrigerator less frequently can also significantly affect the value of Electricity bill. Finally, it is also important to periodically inspect the housing’s internal fixtures, so as not to run the risk of fire or energy wastage due to alterations.

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