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PK celebrates the year with international tours and rock bands in Rio: "Realizado"

PK celebrates the year with international tours and rock bands in Rio: “Realizado”

Rapper PK is getting ready to sing at a space favela in Rock In Rio, next Saturday (3/9). In addition to one of the country’s biggest music events, the singer traveled on his first tour, which took place in the US, last month, and is also preparing for his first album in his career.

In an interview with capital CitiesThe rapper revealed that he had several plans, but had to postpone them. “Many of these projects, such as international concerts, Rock In Rio and the album itself, should have already happened but should have been postponed due to the pandemic. So I am reaping the fruits of something that was planted a long time ago.”

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PK fruits have been bearing fruit for a while. In 2021, the rapper reached the one billion watch mark on broadcasts on audio platforms. “It was a year like no other. I really missed getting back on the stage, to the shows,” he explained.

The artist’s first major event was a tour of the United States. “Thanks to God, everything went well, we filled all the homes we built in several cities in the United States: the majority of the audience is Brazilian and the energy is as good as Brazil. People miss you and we give them a little bit of Brazil. So the performances are really warm.”

In his home country, the singer is preparing to be one of the attractions of the Espaço Favela do Rock In Rio and PK does not hide the feeling of being on the event list. “Very happy, I am worried, crazy for the time to come soon,” he declared.

He pointed out that “it is the dream of every musical artist to be in the biggest festival in the world and to be able to achieve this dream is inexplicable.”

With a busy schedule, the rapper already has tickets to Europe, where, in September, he begins his second tour. international. “In Portugal, the audience will be foreign, so it is a pleasure to traverse all this distance for people from other cultures, who identify with what I do,” he explained, explaining his concern about singing to a new audience.

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New song and album

Before hitting the stage at Rock In Rio, PK released Não Rouba Minha Vida, a song titled Portugal No Beat, DJ Matt D and Menor MC. This is the first release for many rappers by Dreamhou$e. With six days of release, the official YouTube clip has already reached 118,000 views on the producer’s channel and 16,000 again on PK’s official profile.

“Não Rouba Minha Vibe is the first track for a beautiful project that we created, it is part of my music label and it is the first sound of DreamHouse we made perfect with several goals. You promised the rapper a great participation and I believe it will be very successful.

Among the projects mentioned by the singer is his first album. “Preparation is being done with great care, and we are almost done. I can’t wait to have this baby for everyone who follows me and waits to get back into the trap with a more realistic job,” he explained.

Although the release date was not mentioned, the artist introduced some spoilers: “It has very special looks, amazing productions and a voice that is somehow reminiscent of the old PK.”