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Pixel 5a sales may 'flounder' due to lack of attention from Google's competition

Pixel 5a sales may ‘flounder’ due to lack of attention from Google’s competition

The next Pixel to be announced promises that it won’t be as interesting as the newly released one Pixel 6 NS 6 Pro That’s because, in the midst of a sea of ​​new cellphone offerings, it will be “one more in the crowd.”

With the commercial launch expected at the end of August, at a cost $449 (about 2,348 R$)Hey Pixel 5a phone It can be sabotaged by the search giant itself for a simple reason: a lack of interest in what the competition has to offer.

From the appearance, according to the leaked information, the model should basically have the same Pixel 4a 5G, which ultimately discourages users of the old version from upgrading.

Speaking of hardware, an older chip, the Snapdragon 765G, is also expected to be introduced to the laptop, although Qualcomm has already released successors (780G and 768G) – Make a decision, perhaps to cut costs.

On the hardware side too, Google’s new laptop should ignore wireless charging, a feature already in many mid-ranges and gradually reaching the most basic of the mid-range category.

On the software side, another detail that may be disappointing is that the model will arrive in stores still running Android 11, knowing that Android 12 won’t be commercially released until at least September.

This means that according to Google’s update policies, the new cockroach should only receive updates until Android 14, Leaves you out of Android 15 Basically for a month.

Finally, the shades of the Pixel 5a may end up by its more expensive brothers, which, for sure, will be offered in promotional plans by several operators making it more interesting in terms of cost and benefit, despite being in a different category.

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And for us Brazilians, in addition to all the reasons mentioned in the text, there is still an even worse aggravating factor: the lack of guarantee. Pixel smartphones are notorious for bugs and sometimes alternative software, however, for those who decide to import, noting that the model is not officially sold in Brazil, it will be difficult to send the cell phone to another country. If it needs repair or replacement.

Having said that, is it really worth it? Share your opinions with everyone About the upcoming Pixel 5a in the comments space below.