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Pix will receive similar payments for the boleto from May - 04/22/2021 - Mercado

Pix will receive similar payments for the boleto from May – 04/22/2021 – Mercado

a central bank On Thursday (22) it was announced that the collection service is similar to Bank payment voucher on Pix, Pay as you go system, will start working on May 14th.

The tool, dubbed Pix Cobrança, will allow a company or service provider to issue a QR code to receive instant payments at points of sale or e-commerce, for example, in addition to groups with future maturity.

In the tool, other information can be configured in addition to the amount, such as interest, fine and discounts, as in the case of a bank voucher.

Until July, the institutions participating in the system will undergo an adjustment period.

Al Qaeda states that Participating institutions in Pix, Who are unable to offer the full checkout experience (reading the QR code and paying at a later date) from May 14th to June 30th, will have to, at a minimum, enable reading and pay on the date of reading the QR code, with all fees and discounts counted correctly. BC says in a note.

“This is a transitional period, giving organizations additional time to finalize modifications to the systems. As of July 1, all participants should be able to read the QR code and enable QR code payment for a future date,” it completes.

a BC also announced the scheduled Pix, Which will be mandatory as of September 1, 2021. Since November of last year, when the new payment system was launched, this is an optional feature.

“From or Pix launchIn November 2020, this is an optional feature, and it is understood that this is a reasonable period for all institutions to make the necessary adjustments to their systems and interfaces (applications and online banking services), ”the municipality said.

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With the tool, a customer can schedule a transfer or Pix payment on a future date with the key, for example.

“This measure aims to increase the convenience of fee payers, ensuring that all users, regardless of the organization with an account, can schedule a Pix,” the memo said.