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Pix will get new features starting in November

Pix, an instant payment method created by the Central Bank of Brazil (BC), will gain from November 29th two new features: withdrawal and changeover. The new products will provide more options for accessing physical funds, allowing users to make withdrawals at commercial establishments and in other places, such as bakeries, supermarkets, supermarkets and more.

The services will be free to the user, who will be able to carry out up to eight transactions per month (Photo: Fernando Priamo)

The actions will allow all customers to withdraw funds at one of the points that provide the service. Simply create a Pix for the organization that acts as a checkout agent, from a QR code reading or an application provided by your service provider. In these cases, for example, the user can go to the marketplace and create a Pix to generate 20 BRL and get the same amount of cash instantly.

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The dynamics are the same in the case of change, however, in this mode it is necessary for the user to make a purchase and then receive the corresponding amount. For example, a customer buys a product in a bakery that costs $10, but at the time of payment, a Pix is ​​made for R$20. The 10 US dollars denoting payment for the purchase on the site is kept, while another 10 Brazilian dollars, paid in excess, will be billed by the institution.

Both services will be free to the user, who will be able to make up to eight transactions per month. After this limit, an amount may be charged by financial institutions, with the value of the tariff being free. However, the charges must be communicated to the user before the transaction is confirmed, as customer bills can never be paid directly by the withdrawal agents. Companies that provide Pix Saque or Pix Troco services will receive a fee that can range from R$ 0.25 to R$ 0.95.

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withdrawal limit

The Central Bank has set a maximum amount of R$500 for the withdrawal of cash resources in Pix transactions, for the purpose of withdrawal and change, for withdrawals made between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM, and R$100 for transactions carried out at other times. Once these limits are respected, Pix participants and withdrawal agents can define additional limits, depending on the characteristics of the business. For example, a store might state that the limit is R$200 during the day.