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Pix, Open Finance and Real Digital may be running on this platform soon

Pix, Open Finance and Real Digital may be running on this platform soon

Recent news promoted by the central bank such as Pix, Open Finance and Real Digitalit must be built in on me one system. Availability must happen Until 2024. The statement was made by the head of the Monetary Authority, Roberto Campos Neto, and verified by CNN.

Pix, Open Finance and Real Digital may be available on this platform soon (Photo: Montage/FDR)

president central bank Reports that the entity behaves so that digital financial services – Like the pixelAnd the open financing And the real digital It is in a file single platform. In this way, users will be able to have an improved experience.

According to him, “It is unbelievable to imagine that 3, 4 and 5 years from now people still have to open apps Banks who have an account. This won’t happen, everything will be merged.”.

According to the intentions of the Central Bank, Financial Institutions Applications Should Merging accounts owned by the user in other banks. This platform should also provide areas related to potential credit offers due to open banking.

The monetary authority also revealed that the services can be performed offline.

Campos Neto announces that a file Banks integrate the system development process With the Federation of Financial Services. The statement came last Thursday (11), during a lecture at Febraban Tech 2022.

open finance

a open financing and the Unified sharing of customer data and services between organizations Licensed to operate by the Central Bank. It should be noted that this process depends on the prior consent of the person.

By sharing information, Brazilians can access these Benefits:

  • Learn about the products and services offered by banks and compare them;
  • Share transaction and registration information with the institution you wish to, as long as it also participates in open financing;
  • Access to the various solutions developed by the participating institutions; And the
  • Make your profile known to the banks that you are not a customer yet, in order to allow them to offer products that have more relevance to the citizen.

as a method for safety guarantee Establishment of the Monetary Authority Strict rules – which must be followed by all participants. The data is shared in an encrypted manner, ensuring confidentiality and security.

Silvio Souza

Silvio Sohiro Souza holds a degree in Social Communication – Journalism from the University of Mogi das Cruzes (UMC). Since 2019, he has been writing for the FDR portal, gaining extensive experience and knowledge in the field related to economics, finance and investments. In addition, Silvio produces analytics on financial products and services, always striving for impartiality and reliable information.