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PIS/Pasep worth R$ 1,412 was issued to those who worked registered in 2022!

PIS/Pasep worth R$ 1,412 was issued to those who worked registered in 2022!

The new distribution of financial resources begins on June 17, 2024 through the salary allowance Law and Justice Party/PASIB, managed by Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil. With a dedicated fund of about R$1.9 billion, this phase will include workers born in July and August who meet the specific criteria to receive the benefit. This advantage is vital both for individual financial support for workers and for stimulating the national economy.

In order to be a beneficiary of a salary bonus, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions. Failure to follow these rules carefully could result in the loss of this significant support, which directly contributes to the livelihood of many Brazilian families. Read on to learn more about who can get this benefit and how to proceed to ensure your right.

Who can get PIS in 2024?

Who is eligible for PIS 2024? To qualify for the salary bonus in this new period, workers must meet some specific requirements:

  • Register with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.
  • Practicing an activity related to work (registered work) for a period of no less than 30 days in the base year 2022.
  • Average monthly income reaches the minimum wage during the working period in 2022.

What is the PIS/Pasep payment schedule for 2024?

The disbursement of the salary bonus is organized according to the date of birth of the beneficiaries. Eligible persons should pay attention to the schedule so as not to miss the deadline scheduled for December 27, 2024. See below the payment dates divided by month of birth:

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Payment month starting date final date
February 03/15/2024 12/27/2024
He walks 04/15/2024 12/27/2024
April 04/15/2024 12/27/2024
maybe 05/15/2024 12/27/2024
June 05/15/2024 12/27/2024
July 06/15/2024 12/27/2024
August 06/15/2024 12/27/2024
September 07/15/2024 12/27/2024
October 07/15/2024 12/27/2024
November 8/15/2024 12/27/2024
December 8/15/2024 12/27/2024
PIS 2024 calendar
PIS/Pasep salary bonus calendar

How to consult PIS and check your eligibility for salary allowance in 2024

Find out if you are entitled to a salary bonus and check your PIS information quickly and easily:

1. Consult PIS online:

  • Digital business card application: Download the app, log in with your Gov.br account, then access the “Benefits” section to check your eligibility and benefit amount.
  • Caixa Trabalhador App: The app is available for Android and iOS, and allows you to check your PIS balance, pay statement and bonus payment schedule.
  • Caixa Econômica Federal website: Access the “Salary Allowance” section on the Caixa website to see information about the benefit and its eligibility.
  • Caixa Citizen Portal: Log in with your CPF and password to access information about PIS, including balance, statement and payment schedule.

2. Consult PIS by phone:

  • Caixa Call Center: Call 0800 726 0207 and select the ‘PIS’ option to get information about your benefit.
  • Hello work center: Call 158 for information on salary bonuses and other employment rights.

3. Personal consultation with PIS:

  • Federal branches of Caixa Econômica: Go to the Caixa branch with your personal documents (RG, CPF, Work Card) to get information about PIS.
  • Lottery houses: Provide your PIS/Pasep number and an identity document to check your PIS balance.


  • To refer to PIS, you will need your Social Registration Number (NIS), which can be found on your work card, citizen card or other documents.
  • Keep your registration data up to date to ensure correct receipt of information and benefits.
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Remember if: The deadline for withdrawal of PIS/Pasep 2024 Salary Bonus is 27 December 2024. Don’t waste time and check now if you are entitled to the benefit!tunesharemore_vert