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PIS-Pasep Salary Bonus: The second installment will be paid this week; See who gets | Work and career

PIS / Pasep Salary Allowance: Find out the entitlement rules and where to consult

Payments for the second batch of salary bonus 2023 PIS-Pasep, referring to the 2021 base year, will be made next Wednesday (15).

In total, 3.7 million workers will receive R$ 3.7 billion in this second installment – 3.46 million will receive PIS and 254.3 thousand Pasep.

It is estimated that around 22.9 million workers will receive a salary bonus in 2023, with a total amount of R$22 billion.

For PIS payment, the month of birth of the worker is considered. In the case of Pasep, it is the last digit of the program’s registration number. All beneficiaries can withdraw funds until December 28th.

PIS / Pasep – Withdrawals at the Caixa Econômica Federal Branch – Photo: José Cruz / Agência Brasil

On Wednesday, workers born in March and April or with enrollment 1 expiring can withdraw the benefit.

See the PIS payment schedule:

See Pasep payment schedule:

The salary bonus due to workers of private companies, which is part of the Social Integration Program (PIS), will be paid by the Caixa Econômica Federal.

In the case of public sector workers, who are part of the Asset Creation Program for Public Servants of Salary Allowance (Pasep), payment is made by Banco do Brasil.

Of the total 22.9 million workers, 20.4 million receive PIS and 2.5 million receive Pasep.

Who is entitled to a salary allowance?

Workers must meet the following criteria to be eligible for benefits:

  • Be enrolled in the PIS/Pasep Program or in the CNIS (First Job Date) for at least five years;
  • Having worked for employers that contribute to the Social Inclusion Program (PIS) or the Civil Servants Asset Creation Program (Pasep);
  • receive up to two average monthly wages during the period of employment;
  • Carry out a paid activity for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year of the account (2021);
  • Have the data correctly reported by the employer (legal entity or government) in the annual social information list (Rais) or in eSocial for the base year being calculated (2021).

Who is not entitled to salary allowance

  • Domestic worker
  • rural workers employed by private individuals;
  • urban workers employed by individuals;
  • Workers hired by individuals are equivalent to legal entities.

how much

The amount of salary allowance can total up to one minimum wage, depending on the number of months worked. Only those who worked for 12 months of the previous year receive the full amount.

With the increase in the minimum wage on January 1st, the salary bonus amount will vary from R$108.50 to R$1302, depending on the number of months worked. Only those who worked for 12 months of 2021 will receive the maximum amount. see below:

How to query

Information on stipend allowance can be consulted at digital business cardon the gate gov.br Or by calling 158. Among the available information are the value of the benefit, the date and the receiving bank.

To download the Digital Work Card application to your cell phone, click on the links below:

If the worker already has the application, it is recommended that he upgrade.

He must access the system using the CPF and password of gov.br Or register in the event of first arrival.

Then click on benefits and then on salary allowance. In this area, he will know whether he qualifies for the benefit or not.

The private sector worker can also refer to due status and payment history on applications Cashier worker that it his box.

Pasep related workers can consult Bank of Brazil link. There is also the option to contact the BB Service Center (4004-0001metropolitan areas, or metropolitan areas 0800729 0001internal).

Salary bonus awarded after the award of an administrative appeal, reprocessing or judicial decision will be available for payment on the 15th of the month following the opinion or court decision or on the first subsequent business day, if the day specified is not a business day.

Allowance payments will be made available to reported workers in Rais until June 21, 2022 and in eSocial until December 5, 2022 in the 2023 payment calendar, and after those dates, in the calendar for the following year.

Information can be requested in the service channels of the Ministry of Labor and the regional labor control units, by phone 158 or by e-mail: [email protected] (replacing the uf numbers with the abbreviation of the worker’s country of residence).

How to withdraw

Private initiative workers who have a current or savings account with Caixa Econômica Federal will automatically receive a PIS credit at the bank, according to their month of birth.

Other beneficiaries will receive the amounts through digital social savings, which can be transferred through the Caixa Tem app.

If it is not possible to open a digital account, withdrawals can be made using the citizen’s card and password at self-service terminals, lottery outlets, Caixa Aqui or branches, also according to the payment calendar graduated by month of birth.

The Pasep allowance is paid by credit to an account for those who have an account or have savings at Banco do Brasil.

Workers who are not BB account holders can make transfers via TED to their own accounts through self-service terminals, on the website www.bb.com.br/pasep or at branch counters.

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