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Requirements for obtaining double PIS / Pasep, check-out

PIS / Pasep calendar, value, rules and who to receive in 2022

After a long wait of at least six months, the federal government is back with the PIS/Pasep bonus payment in the next few days. With the news of the return of subsidy payments, some important points were also clarified.

New payment calendar

Before we get into the new pay schedule, we need to contextualize some changes to Codefat (Workers Assistance Fund Advisory Board) responsible for managing the salary bonus funds.

This is because, until last year, PIS/Pasep payments started in July of one year and ended in June of the following year, however, as of Resolution 896, Codefat specified that payments should now be made in the same year to all beneficiaries.

Thus, the new payment schedule set by the federal government for 2022 is as follows:

born in Released draw day You can withdraw even today
Janeiro 02/08/2022 29/12/2022
February 10/02/2022 29/12/2022
March 02/15/2022 29/12/2022
April 02/17/2022 29/12/2022
may be 02/22/2022 29/12/2022
June 02/24/2022 29/12/2022
July 15/03/2022 29/12/2022
August 03/17/2022 29/12/2022
September 03/22/2022 29/12/2022
October 03/24/2022 29/12/2022
November 03/29/2022 29/12/2022
December 03/31/2022 29/12/2022

Pasep . calendar

end of recording Released draw day You can withdraw even today
02/15/2022 29/12/2022
1 02/15/2022 29/12/2022
2 02/17/2022 29/12/2022
3 02/17/2022 29/12/2022
4 02/22/2022 29/12/2022
5 02/24/2022 29/12/2022
6 15/03/2022 29/12/2022
7 03/17/2022 29/12/2022
8 03/22/2022 29/12/2022
9 03/24/2022 29/12/2022

attention! It is important to clarify that the calendar prepared by the government has been submitted to Codefat, which will determine the validity or possible changes in relation to the new payment schedule.

Who is Eligible for PIS / Pasep Allowance in 2022

You are entitled to PIS/Pasep Salary Allowance this year, only workers who have exercised a formal contract throughout 2020 and for whom the following rules apply:

  • Worked on an official contract for at least 30 days in 2020;
  • Have a work permit for at least 5 years;
  • Correctly submit data by companies through RAIS (Annual Social Information Report).
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Payment of the PIS allowance owed to workers in the private sector and carried out by Caixa Econômica Federal. Pasep allowance is paid to public officials and is provided by Banco do Brasil.

The change to the payment system was included in Resolution 896 that Codefat published in March 2021, which specifies that the provision is paid on the same annual calendar that will be issued in January.

Salary allowance amount 2022

The PIS/Pasep salary allowance will be paid in an amount up to the applicable minimum wage, i.e. R$1,212.00. It is worth noting that you are entitled to a full salary, only those who worked within 12 months of 2020.

Workers who have exercised a formal contract for a shorter period in 2020 will receive the amount proportional to the number of months worked.

The calculation to be determined is simple, just divide 1212 (one salary) by 12 (twelve months of the year) and multiply it by the number of working months. If in doubt, consult the table below:

Number of working months in 2020 Amount due in 2022
one month 101 Brazilian Real
2 months 202 Brazilian Real
3 months 303 Brazilian Real
4 months 404 Brazilian Real
5 months R$505
6 months 606 Brazilian Real
7 months 707 Brazilian Real
8 months 808 BRL
9 months 909 Brazilian Real
10 months 1010 Brazilian Real
11 months 1.111 Brazilian Real
12 Months 1,212 Brazilian Real

How do I check if I will receive

For workers in the private sector who receive a PIS allowance, the consultation can be carried out in the following channels:

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In the case of public officials, counseling can be carried out through the following channels:

  • Bank of Brazil website
  • Banco do Brasil call center phone numbers: 4004-0001 (capitals and metropolitan areas); 0800729 0001 (other cities) and 0800729 0088 (hearing impaired)

Where to get a PIS / Pasep . Permit

In the case of PIS, the withdrawal is made as follows:

  • who has a citizen card: can withdraw from Caixa ATMs, lottery messengers and Caixa Aqui;
  • Those who do not have the card: You can withdraw at any Caixa branch, just bring your identification document;
  • Who is the owner of the Caixa account: The benefit is deposited directly into the account, if there is a balance above R$1 and the movement.

In the case of Pasep, the draw is made as follows:

  • At Banco do Brasil branches, all you have to do is present an identity document;
  • Who is the BB account holder: The benefit is deposited directly into the account.
  • Who has an account in another bank: You can make a transfer for free at one of the Banco do Brasil branches.

How is the allowance for those who worked in 2021

Workers who worked last year and were expecting, unfortunately, took a cold shower. This is due to the postponement of payment for this group of beneficiaries until 2023.

Therefore, we will have a two-year gap between the payment of each benefit for the base year. Given that PIS/Pasep 2020 payments were for 2022, PIS/Pasep 2021 was for 2023, and so should PIS/Pasep 2022 for 2024.

Altitudes PIS / Pasep

In parallel with the PIS/Pasep salary bonus payments, Caixa Econômica Federal issued a 23 billion R$ draw from PIS/Pasep stakes to approximately 10 million workers.

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It is important to note that the PIS/Pasep shares and the PIS/Pasep salary allowance are different benefits, given that the allowance is paid annually to the workers. Quotas are paid only once in a lifetime to eligible Brazilians. To find out who is entitled and how it works, just access here. It gives the probability