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PIS / Pasep allowance starts in January with a new amount and double payment

As the base year PIS/PASEP 2020 had to be postponed to ensure funding for the Emergency Employment and Income Preservation (BEm) program created due to the pandemic, recipients will receive payments from January.

Expectations indicate that the official calendar of PIS 2022 payment dates will be issued next month only, in addition to the amount of the allowance that will be adjusted according to the minimum wage. In order for the new schedule to be issued, CODEFAT must complete a procedure to determine which workers are entitled to the allowance.

Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil will return in January with the PIS/Pasep salary bonus payment with new changes to the benefit payment method and also with a new amount that may double.

Deferred salary allowance

In July of this year, the government was supposed to start paying the salary bonus for the basic year PIS / Pasep 2020, i.e. for workers who worked on an official contract last year.

However, to find resources to fund a new version of the Emergency Employment and Income Preservation Program, known as BEm, which ran from April to August, the government ended up deferring the benefit payment for the year. who comes.

To make BEM viable, it was necessary to defer PIS/Pasep payments and divert financial resources to fund the new round of accruals for a period of 120 days.

Thus, in addition to simply deferring the salary bonus to 2022, Codefat (the Advisory Board of the Workers’ Support Fund) decided to change some of the rules for operating the program.

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New payments for 2022

Codefat made some changes to its benefit payments next year. The first is that the allowance will not be released in July of one year, and expires in June of the following year.

From next year onwards, the payment schedule will run between January and December, with the schedule always being published at the beginning of January.

Thus, the expectation is that the payments will now be made in the month of the workers’ birthday, that is, those born in January can receive in January, those born in February can receive them in February, etc.

Another novelty for 2022 is that the PIS/Pasep will be subject to a new adjustment in the benefit amount, and the change will be attributed to the new adjustment of the minimum wage, considering that the salary bonus is paid on the basis of the national minimum.

The new forecast indicates a 10.04% increase in the minimum wage, from R$1,100 to R$1,210.44 in 2022. Thus, workers who worked year-round in the base year will be able to get the new national minimum next year.

But it is worth remembering that the benefit is paid in proportion to the number of months worked, that is, those who worked throughout the year will receive 1,210.44 R$, while those who have worked less time will receive proportionately.

double benefit

Another point that workers speculate a lot is about the possibility of getting the double bonus in 2022. This situation occurs because the 2020 bonus that must be paid this year has been postponed to next year, as the payment is scheduled for the 2021 base year.

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Thus, workers who worked in 2020 and 2021 who meet the entitlement rules in the respective years will be able to receive both bonuses at once in the next year.

As stated above, the benefit is paid in proportion to the number of months worked in the year in question, and in the case of those who are entitled to the full allowance in 2020 and 2021 for working within 12 months of each year, they may have the benefit doubled in 2022.