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PIS/PASEP 2023: Are CAIXA Payments Already Confirmed?; See this and info on PIS 2021

salary allowance PIS / Pasep It is a benefit of the right of workers who perform their activities formally, in both the private and public sectors. The 2023 conversion was highly anticipated by the beneficiaries, especially rural workers.

a PIS It can be awarded to rural workers who meet the criteria required in the program. a BASSOn the other hand, it cannot be reserved for this category, considering that the salary premium is a right of public servants.

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Who can get PIS in 2023?

As already mentioned, to be entitled to PISEmployees must follow the requirements set by the program. So, to benefit in 2023, the worker must:

  • They earned as much as a minimum wage in 2021;
  • Be registered with PIS for at least five years, with recent updates;
  • Have your updated data in the Annual List of Social Information (RAIS) / eSocial;
  • You have performed a paid activity for at least 30 days, in 2021.

A rural worker related to an individual cannot receive the benefit. Therefore, those who wish to receive the benefit should pay attention to the details of the CNPJ registration of the farm, as well as their registration with the RAIS through the registration of cooperatives.

It is important to note that the amounts saved in 2023 will be linked to the base year salary allowance for 2021. The transfer will be implemented this year, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, payments were issued late.

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PIS value in 2023

The amount of the accrual varies according to the length of work performed. In 2023, depending on the set salary limit, the worker will be able to receive up to R$1,302 (the estimated amount of lowest wages Next year).

check the Expected schedule for PIS 2023:

  • Worked for 1 month – R$ 108;
  • 2 working months – R$217;
  • Work for 3 months – 325 R$;
  • 4 months working – R$434;
  • 5 working months – R$542;
  • Worked for 6 months – R$651;
  • 7 working months – 759 RRL;
  • Worked for 8 months – R$ 868;
  • 9 working months – R$976;
  • 10 working months – 1085 BRL;
  • Worked 11 months – R$1,193;
  • Worked for 12 months – 1302 BRL.

Consult PIS Consult PIS

can do PIS Consultation:

For those receiving PIS (Private Company Worker)

  • In the Worker Cashier app;
  • on the fund’s website.
  • Through the Caixa service phone: 0800726 0207.

For those receiving a Pasep (Public Employee)

  • By phone at the Banco do Brasil call center: 4004-0001 (capitals and metropolitan areas);
  • 0800 729 0001 (other cities);
  • 0800 729 0088 (hearing impaired).

PIS 2021; PIS calendar 2021; PIS Schedule 2021; base year PIS 2021; year 2021

a PIS 2021 Payment is also made now. In this case, the releases refer to the base year 2019, that is, workers who worked in 2019 and fit the rules, can make the withdrawal.

It is important to highlight that the file PIS 2021 to be paid in the amount of up to 1,100 BRL. According to the data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security about 320 thousand people You haven’t withdrawn the allowance yet PIS 2021.

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The worker can request PIS / Pasep Late in an agency of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare. In addition to these means, there are other options, such as:

  • through the Alô Trabalhador Central Centre, by phone 158;
  • By e-mail, via the address [email protected], replacing the letters “uf” with the abbreviation of the state in which you reside;
  • Through the Digital Business Card Application (CTPS); or
  • Through the Gov.br portal.

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