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Pinterest is reworking the feed, focusing on 'Stories' and launching a fund for creators

Pinterest is reworking the feed, focusing on ‘Stories’ and launching a fund for creators

On Wednesday (20) Pinterest launched a suite of solutions to offer creators more resources, improve content quality, drive engagement and monetize production. The platform also aims to offer new ways for people to watch videos and purchase content from their favorite profiles.

The main new feature is the redesign of the initial feed to split it into two options: ‘Browse’ or ‘Watch’. In the second case, only the most creative Idea Pins will be displayed in full screen mode, “Pinterest Stories”, so that people can interact with the newer and unpublished content of the creators, according to their preferences.

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On the other hand, the Browse tab should retain the traditional social network feed, but with some improvements in the presentation of content, such as larger icons and improved pins. It’s not really clear what has changed, but it looks like there has been better calibration of the algorithm to deliver a better experience.

In addition, the social network should produce some kind of original software in a sequential format to highlight the 100 most popular content creators in ten countries, in order to show user representation. This activity runs until January 2022, with each specific production aimed at educating, educating and inspiring people – this news should be placed in the Daily Inspiration section of the Research tab starting tomorrow.

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More focus on “stories”

Rather than focusing on entertainment and scrolling, as happens on Instagram and TikTok, Pinterest wants to encourage users to interact with others, helping to strengthen communities around certain topics. From people to original ideas Pins, which can also highlight the most useful or inspiring comments – This is called “take” and it allows everyone to be content creators on Pinterest.

The format looks like Tiktok, but Pinterest wants to encourage comments and interactions (Image: Disclosure/Pinterest)

Users will also be able to create Idea Pins with a new set of publishing tools such as seasonal and interactive stickers, music tracks, editing and recording capabilities, as well as a preview mode to get a peek into what the material will look like before publishing. Anyone who interacts with external content should encounter a comment code to promote positive interactions, which was recently introduced with the release of the creator’s Code of Conduct.

These new experiences will be launched for everyone starting today in Brazil and other markets where Idea Pins are available, both in the app on iOS and Android and in the web and desktop versions.

New editing tools should bring an improved experience when creating Stories (Image: Publicity/Pinterest)

Monetization: make money with pins

One of the most anticipated additions to Pinterest is now deserving: “Creator Rewards,” formerly the Creador Fund, will reward creators who share their products more and get meaningful interactions with their audience. For now, it’s only released in the US, but it should hit Brazil and other international markets in 2022 with the new Creators Center, where it will be possible to manage presence with precious tools, tips and access data.

The program should have a system of engagement goals and inspiration for gift giving to people who bring great ideas, such as a community garden, health program, or new beauty theme. The criteria for obtaining these ‘small grants’ for projects are not yet clear and should only be clarified when the program begins to operate effectively.

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Pinterest has committed $20 million (about R$110 million) to invest in Creator Rewards and other creator support initiatives. In the middle of the year, the social network also launched virtual stores for selling products on the site.

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