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Pictures captured with the camera attached to the cat are raving the web

Pictures captured with the camera attached to the cat are raving the web

Cats and babies are the absolute passion of the internet. Cats rule this virtual world, winning hearts with their irresistible kindness and playful shenanigans.

There is no way to resist these fur balls who make us smile and make more funny faces than many of the comedians out there.

It’s a true cat comedy show that keeps us glued to the screen, sharing laughs and exclaiming “Oh my God, that cat is awesome!”.

So it’s no wonder that the Internet is heaven for funny cats.

Mervyn’s cat and his camera

In an effort to create an amazing story that will captivate cat lovers and curious adventurers, Mike Prospero decided to add a touch of technology to the lives of cats.

Using a small camera, the Insta360 Go 2, specifically designed to be comfortable and light, Mike attached the device to the cat MervynYour pet cat. the goal? Discover the fun adventures and shenanigans that Mervyn lives up to every day.

Excited by an idea, the cat owner was looking forward to seeing footage of Mervin getting into funny situations, like chasing birds or playing with other cats.

However, he soon realized that his cat had a somewhat introspective personality and didn’t get too involved with the other felines.

While watching the videos captured by Mervin’s camera, Mike commented on a series of less exciting scenes. The cat ventured silently through the garden, exploring every corner with inquisitive eyes and quiet serenity.

Check out their quiet adventure in the video below:

Mike said on his blog:

“The cats, in other videos I’ve seen, have pretty active social lives, meowing and purring around other cats and playing in the backyard.”

However, Mike’s expectations of his cat weren’t completely shattered. That is, Prospero announced that he already suspected Mervyn of being very lazy, and the cameras clearly showed this, as the footage showed the cat falling asleep several times for several minutes.

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All this frustration did not discourage Mike, however, as he soon made plans to set up his camera again for new photos of Mervyn’s adventures. By the way, this could be the title of a good book!