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PicPay promotion offers up to 100 BRL to customers; Learn how to receive

consumers love Cashback You can take advantage of the new campaign I launched أطلقت Pickpay To save some extra dollars. The digital wallet returns 10% of the amount spent on the purchase to those who order and use a brand credit card.

The campaign is valid for the first three months of acquiring the tool. However, purchases made in partner stores of Pickpay It can guarantee the client a financial return of up to 100 BRL.

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However, it should be noted that the promotion applies to those who apply for the card in July – at present, those who are already users financial technology only 5% of Cashback.

Furthermore, in order to achieve the overall percentage of 10% using the PicPay Card, the Customer must fulfill the Terms of Use, which include transactions on the Card made using a QR Code, purchases from partner online stores and purchases from the PicPay Store.

PicPay’s novelty emerges as a strategy to attract new users. Therefore, customers who purchase the card in July, within three months, will receive, Cashback Double. After this period the rate becomes 5%.

The PicPay card application process is simple. All you have to do is access the platform, click on the “I want my card” option and follow the contracting steps.

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