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Pia Sundhag criticizes the women's team's performance in the victory over Uruguay: "I am not happy" |  America's Women's Cup

Pia Sundhag criticizes the women’s team’s performance in the victory over Uruguay: “I am not happy” | America’s Women’s Cup

after, after 3-0 win over UruguayIn the second round of the America’s Cup Women’s Championship, the coach of the Brazilian national team, Pia Sundag, did not spare criticism of Brazil’s performance. According to Al-Suwaidi, the result was the only positive point on Tuesday.

– I really liked the result, we scored three goals and conceded no nets. But I’m not happy with our performance, especially the attack. We should have been more efficient. I didn’t like the match, Uruguay did their job very well, they tried to make our game difficult. “I didn’t like our performance, we have to improve,” the coach said at the post-match press conference in Armenia, Colombia.

Pia Sundhag during the match between Brazil and Uruguay at the Copa America (Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP)

The day before, Villa had already warned of Brazil’s need to know how to hold the ball to be able to choose the best offensive options, which again in the coach’s opinion did not happen.

– There is an expression in Portuguese that I really like: “Stay with the ball”. This is the Brazilian way to find the best way to create good scoring chances. I think we lost the ball a few times, had no contact and gave our opponents a lot of space – he commented.

Villa also expressed his dissatisfaction with the players who came off the bench. Duda, Duda Santos and Kathleen entered the end of the first half, then released Duda Sampaio and Geo Queiroz during the second half.

– To win, I think it is very important to use the whole team, the whole team. This means that players have to come off the bench and change the game a bit. We need to do better when someone comes from the bank.

Isolated from Group B, Brazil will have a break in the third round and will only return to the pitch on Monday, against Venezuela. After that, they will face the Peruvian national team in the last match of the group stage.

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