Written by Joanna Cunha, Mariana Grazini and Andressa Mutter – São Paulo, SP (FOLHAPRESS)

To produce 4 billion doses of the vaccine against Covid in 2022, a goal announced by Pfizer last week, the pharmaceutical company plans to increase the number of factories in the world working in the production of immunity from 9 to 20.

Today, Pfizer has six of its own and three in partnership with the German company BioNTech that produces vaccines with this technology. According to the American company, the idea for 2022 is access to eight private factories and 12 units with partnerships.

Infrastructure is not a bottleneck for producing immune systems, Albert Burla, CEO of the pharmaceutical company, recently said in a letter from Pfizer. The limitation, he said, is the scarcity of the inputs used for vaccines. “Currently, nearly every gram of the raw materials produced is immediately sent to our facilities and converted into vaccines,” Burla said.

Pfizer says it has so far delivered more than 430 million doses of the vaccine against Covid worldwide.