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Pettinho closes 'deal' and receives Sport in court;  The steering wheel slipped in agreement and demanded the millionaire jackpot

Pettinho closes ‘deal’ and receives Sport in court; The steering wheel slipped in agreement and demanded the millionaire jackpot

Sport Recife

Volante demands labor rights and indirect termination of his contract at Sport

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF
Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

On Monday (17), I brought a new problem to sports Settlement in labor court. According to information from Globoesporte.com, midfielder Petinho has caused Robro Negro to indirectly terminate his contract. The player’s claims do not stop there, as within the scope of the action, R$3,076,394.30 is also charged due to delays in payment of image rights, FGTS, thirteenth salary, vacation and other working rights between 2020 and 2021.

Most of the amount requested by the steering wheel is the value of the “compensatory sport clause”, referring to the bond termination fine, which refers to the amount of R$1.568 million. The indirect termination action causes Pettiño to demand all salaries that Leo needs to pay him until March 2024, when the player’s contract expires in Retreat Island. The player’s salary is 60,000 Brazilian riyals per month.

In the package ordered by Betinho, there is a debt of R$385,150.17, classified as “Retained Earning”, and within this classification, the highest value corresponds to “Image Rights”. According to the details of the procedure, the steering wheel, for about a year, received 50 thousand Brazilian reals, of which 30 thousand Brazilian reals are registered in the business card and another 20 thousand Brazilian reals are image rights. However, since March 8, 2021, the salary amount in the contract has increased to R$60,000, with R$36,000 on the business card and R$24,000 image rights. However, the athlete’s defense claims that Sport did not pay this amount in full.

The legal vice president of sports, Rodrigo Guedes, told Globoesporte.com and revealed that Robro Negro was already aware of the procedure and even met with the athlete’s lawyer. Guedes went further and stated that the beginning of the talks was positive, with consensus on debt repayment, however, Pettiño backed down and did not accept what was proposed. “We had a conversation in Recife with Pettiño’s lawyer, we corrected everything and came back. But today we were surprised by the news that what we had agreed to was not accepted. The word given was not the word saved. It was a good proposal for both sides. So much so that the lawyer accepted it,” confirmed Rodrigo Guedes.

The City Father will not give in to the case and the lack of agreement will make Leão defend himself in the courts so that the indirect termination does not happen: “Now we will really see what the sport owes, we have already established that it is part redundant. With that we have reduced the amount and we will try to deposit a part of what is owed to try to avoid Indirect termination.

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