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Petrobras recovers money from corruption and Lula pretends to be innocent

Petrobras recovers money from corruption and Lula pretends to be innocent

Petrobras announced on Friday (25th) that it had received an additional amount of R$271.1 million as part of a leniency agreement signed within the scope of investigations and lawsuits brought by Operation Lava Jato, carried out by the Federal Police and the Ministry of the Public. The money was returned by Technip Brasil and Flexibras, the companies of the Technip Group.

Agreements like this have already secured Petrobras with recoveries of more than R$6 billion in the scope of the car wash, including cooperation, forgiveness and repatriation, according to data released by the company.

It is worth emphasizing here that the billions recovered, and even many others to be compensated for the coffers of the main Brazilian state-owned company, come from Lava Jato, demoralized and emptied by the Supreme Court, with decisions such as as the person who considered former judge Sergio Moro a suspect and thus Partially in the trials of the former accused Lula.

The situation which resulted in the invalidation of all proceedings in which he was tried and found guilty, in some cases, after the analysis of several judges in the first, second and third instances.

In short, the STF determined that everyone sentenced was at fault and that the “suspect” was at liberty, even though R$6 billion of the “crime that, in theory, had not yet occurred” had already been returned after being transferred in what was The biggest corruption scandal in the country.

As the popular saying goes, “Brazil is not for amateurs” and “it’s the job that pees the dog.”

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