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Pet dog takes rescuers to missing dementia woman in US - Mary Clary Magazine

Pet dog takes rescuers to missing dementia woman in US – Mary Clary Magazine

Labrador Max attracts volunteers searching for Sherry Nope, who has been missing for three days (Photo: Internet Reproduction)

A Texas woman who went missing for three days was found early Friday morning with injuries and dehydration, but was safely rescued when her dog barked and rescue crews helped find her.

Sherry NopeThe 63-year-old took away his black Labrador last week from his home in Houston, Texas. Max, For a walk. The pair did not return. Officers and volunteers spent three days searching for Nope, who recently suffered from dementia.

They eventually found her with three-year-old Max in George Bush Park, which was located on 8,000 acres next to their home.

According to a family friend, Michael EnglandJoining the search effort, Nope was found several hundred meters away from the park.

“When they got close to her, I think it’s because he defended her that it hurt him,” Sherry Nob’s brother said. Justin NopeTo KHOU. “So, I think it was his barking that prompted these people to listen to her and go to the area and find her. So yes, I believe he saved her life. When they actually found it, they heard him growl and growl.

+ The dog takes the bus home after getting lost in the park

In the police report, the officer Dead HeapHarris County, Sherry Nope “was found by volunteers and relentless police officers around 3:00 a.m. Friday, who were alerted by the sound of his dog Max barking in the woods.”

With the exception of a few minor cuts and bruises, Nope was not injured. She was admitted with dehydration and given fluids. “How long she was out and the conditions we expected: heat, rain,” he said. Courtney Nope, She is a daughter. “We are very grateful.”

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