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Peruvian student completing a master’s degree in legal sciences at the UENP – Tribuna do Vale

Jordi is the fourth international student to complete a master’s degree in legal sciences at UENP

From: UNEP

Master’s student of Legal Sciences at Paraná State University North, Jordi Arcadio Ramírez Trejo, on February 16, presented a master’s thesis defense entitled “Access to justice and artificial intelligence: ethics, transparency and governance in the production and use of artificial intelligence in the judiciary”.

The committee consisted of the Chancellor, Professor Marcos César Botelho, and the Professors, Dr. Jaime Domínguez Brito and Dr. Juliana Isar Soares da Fonseca-Cigala, from Araraquara College. During the presentation, the professors highlighted the quality of the research conducted and, in particular, the dedication of the student. The professors recorded in the minutes the recommendation to publish the workbook. The consultant indicated that sharing the research with the student was a great learning experience, and that he gained a lot from the experience of the ideas of Peruvian culture presented by the student.

Jordi is from Huari City, Peru, and was approved in the Simplified Selection Process for International Students for the 2021 academic year, from the Graduate Program in Legal Sciences at UNEP. In 2021, he almost entered postgraduate studies, and since the beginning of 2022, he moved to Brazil, and received a CAPES / DS scholarship. Jordi is the fourth international student to complete a master’s degree in legal sciences at the institution.

The master’s student has completed all mandatory course completion credits within the regulation period. At the end of 2022, participated in the simplified selection process for foreign students and was approved to pursue a doctorate in legal sciences at the UENP. Remains in the program while maintaining a CAPES/DS scholarship.

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The Legal Sciences Program at the UENP has, since 2016, adopted this form of admission for foreign students, with a simplified selection process, and also, since that year, made available vacancies for the quota system in the master’s degree in the selection processes.