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Personal events and business travel improve company life - 07/05/2022

Personal events and business travel improve company life – 07/05/2022

After two years of conferences, meetings, lectures, and even online happy hours, the corporate world is already organizing its first in-person events and business trips that have been canceled since March 2020. Although the facilities provided by remote work and face-to-face meetings, when conducted securely, foster more interactions Humane and, in many cases, more effective as well.

Movement doesn’t just happen in Brazil: According to a survey last month by TravelPerk, a business travel company based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, 88% of businesses confirm the appeal, with 79% channeling specific budgets for this. On the part of professionals, 79% said they were excited about novelty and cited reasons such as building relationships and immersion in the company culture.

For Felipe Rizzo, CEO of WeWork in Brazil, the important part of working face-to-face is having people together, stronger bonds, and a sense of belonging.

Photo: personal group

“The important part of working face-to-face is bringing people together, thus strengthening bonds between them and a sense of belonging, as well as creating bonds of trust and generating kindness“Group sessions also help a lot to think outside the box,” says Felipe Rizzo, CEO of WeWork in Brazil.

It was this understanding that made Cargill food processor and producer resume personal events and business trips, especially to visit customers and suppliers.

Simon Pierre, Director of Human Resources, Cargill, Brazil - Eduardo de Sousa - Eduardo de Sousa

Cargill, owned by human resources manager Simone Beier, has resumed in-person events and business trips, particularly to visit customers and suppliers.

Pictured: Eduardo de Souza

“We have a strong, collaborative and relational culture, and although we’ve really managed to maintain it during the pandemic, we clearly see the value of being together again,” says Simone-Pierre, Director of Human Resources. “Face-to-face helps reinforce our values ​​and allows us to feel the client’s pain more tangibly.”

pulp and paper company Susanoo I followed the same line of thought when again organizing new employee receptions, team building events and special project meetings, such as systems exchanges involving internal and external teams, that required more effective integration and faster problem resolution.

“We recognize and understand that this resumption after a long time working remotely is generally very positive for personal interactions and for promoting culture and belonging to the company,” believes Beatrice Olivares, Director of People and Management. “It generates more humanity.”

At Mosaico, the e-commerce content creation and sales platform, monthly meetings on strategic planning, results and follow-up, as well as training, are also back in face-to-face meetings.

“We bring in people from outside São Paulo and use it as an opportunity for them to experience the company’s culture and strengthen connections,” says Christian Oliveira, Mosaico’s Director of Human Resources. “The feedback is very positive.”

Experiments that confirm the theory

At IT-ONE IT Solution Integration, a face-to-face meeting with 25 leaders, held in the second half of 2021, demonstrated the importance of expertise – and that it can bring gains to all if expanded.

Alexandre Martinez, CEO of IT-ONE - Personal Group - Personal Group

Alexandre Martinez, CEO of IT-ONE, supports face-to-face work and believes that “personal and informal conversations that bond the team.”

Photo: personal group

“It was a great moment to understand that, yes, there is a gap when business relationships are quite apart,” says CEO Alexandre Martinez. “Personal and informal conversations are what make up the team bond: chatting from the hallway, the coffee shop, the side of the table.” Martinez has since run monthly trips for all units, when the company promotes breakfasts to share with teams.

The Ingenico team of multinational payment means had the same feeling when they recently participated in AUTOCOM, the main business fair for commercial automation system in Brazil. During the event, it became clear how much interaction is required between teams and customers in the same shared environment. “Personal connection enhances collaboration and creativity,” summarizes Fernanda Benchetti, director of human resources for the Americas.

After successful face-to-face experiences with its management team, Libbs Farmacêutica, which has closed its physical offices in the country, intends to organize sales team meetings in August, if pandemic rates are favourable.

“It is a tradition of ours, when we train people on our products and enhance methods,” explains Madalena Ribeiro, Director of Human Resources. “From a training standpoint, we don’t see any losses in the pandemic, but everyone wants and needs to socialize.”

Know the products and hit the hammer

In addition to strengthening human bonds, the personal nature of face-to-face events also favors the signing of employment contracts. Rafael Lavezzo, commercial vice president for Latin America at payment technology company Nuvei, tested this firsthand at an event in Las Vegas.

Rafael Lavizzo, Commercial Vice President for Latin America - Personal Group - Personal Group

For Rafael Lavezzo, Nuvei’s Commercial Vice President for Latin America, the personal nature of face-to-face events favors the signing of business contracts.

Photo: personal group

“We made deals thanks to this face-to-face communication with CEOs,” he says. “Is face-to-face communication absolutely necessary? No, but we always know that many decisions are made after the meeting, at the exit, in the elevator. After all, when we talk about human relationships, a large part of communication is also non-verbal.”

In some sectors, “face to face” also makes a difference when a professional comes into contact with the same product. Executive Esther Chatan, Partner and Managing Director of Ornare, a furniture and decorative materials manufacturer, spoke to our report directly from Milan, Italy, where she was participating in Salone Del Mobile 2022.

Esther Schattan, Partner and Director of Ornare - Personal Collection - Personal Collection

For Esther Schattan, partner and director of Ornare – a manufacturer of furniture and decorative items – live visits are essential to interacting with franchisees.

Photo: personal group

“It’s possible to do everything online – and that’s how we’ve faced the pandemic – but it’s different from a face-to-face visit, when we interact with our franchisees and see products live, touch parts and surfaces. It’s another dimension.”

Great places to work

a Great Workplace Award It is an initiative by UOL and FIA to identify companies with best practices in people management. The winners are determined by the results of the survey FIA Officer Experience (FEEx)Which measures the quality of the work environment, the strength of organizational culture, leadership performance style, and satisfaction with human resource services. The survey is already in the data collection stage for registered companies and the winning companies should be announced in August.

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