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Persona 6 may be a PlayStation 5 exclusive

Persona 6 may be a PlayStation 5 exclusive

Another rumor regarding Persona 6 has started circulating on the internet. podcast “hate nite” He released information in his latest video about the PlayStation Showcase that caught the attention of sites like The Gamer that it push square. According to him, the JRPG may be a temporary PS5 exclusive.

Below can be found the video in which the Atlus franchise is mentioned. From 19:00 it can be heard mentioning the address, which has not yet been confirmed by the company:

When you think of Persona, you think of PlayStation. That’s how it goes and we know Persona 6 is on the way. The game won’t come out until late next year, and that would be the perfect stage for Atlus to finally announce a short trailer for the game.

If the JRPG is not revealed at the PlayStation Showcase, then the JRPG will only be revealed by Atlus at the Tokyo Game Show, which usually takes place in mid-September.

Other information delivered in the podcast indicates that the title will not be released for the older generation, and is therefore a cross-platform cross-platform and interim PS5 exclusive.

However, it’s a good idea not to have too many expectations. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, all of the above information is abstract Rumors.

The Persona 6 announcement has been awaited for months

In January, a leaker released the information that a Persona 6 and Persona 3 remake would be announced “soon”. So far, Atlus has not officially mentioned another game in the franchise. They are better here!