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Pelé is hospitalized and undergoing tests in São Paulo;  Chemotherapy is not responding and the situation is worrying

Pelé is hospitalized and undergoing tests in São Paulo; Chemotherapy is not responding and the situation is worrying

It was not specified when Pele would arrive at the hospital; Swelling of the player all over his body

ex player leather It was Back in the hospital In the Albert Einstein Hospital, in the Southern District of São Paulo, last Tuesday (29). In contrast to recent Athlete of the Century visits to the venue, the The arrival of this time was not scheduled🇧🇷 The idol was taken in by his wife, Marcia Aoki, and by a caregiver after it was introduced Swelling all over the bodyhave found ESPN🇧🇷

Arriving at Einstein, the medical staff taking care of the eternal jersey number 10 confirmed the picture of anasarca (general swelling), edematous syndrome (generalized edema) and even specified “Decompensated heart failure🇧🇷

Another problem reported by the medical team is the fact that the chemotherapy that has been administered for the past few months has not shown any response. Tumors found in various organs of the football king’s body.

Pele, 82, is undergoing a battery of tests this Wednesday (30) for a more in-depth assessment of problems detected and organs damaged by metastatic cancer.

As soon as Albert Einstein entered, Pele was very worried, He was also diagnosed with mental confusion🇧🇷 Examinations on Wednesday will also assess the possibility of hepatic encephalopathy.

The exact picture and treatment of cancer that no longer provides answers that concern medical staff and family members.

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Weak, the former player has difficulties feeding himself.

Pele, his wife and caregiver are still in the hospital room waiting for test results to learn about the next steps in treatment. There is no expectation of a medical exit for King.

Reportage is required ESPN Since Tuesday night (29), the Einstein press office has not responded regarding Pele’s hospitalization and medical condition.

The king’s wife, Marcia, confirmed the hospitalization, but said it only happened for routine check-ups and monthly analysis for chemotherapy.

Pele’s agent, Joe Fraga, was also contacted on Tuesday night. He said he had not yet seen Pele’s clinical condition.