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Pedestrians inflict three penalties in one day and lose bread, water and the gym · TV News

Pedestrians inflict three penalties in one day and lose bread, water and the gym · TV News

On Monday (1) there was a lot of punishment for pedestrians from Farm 2021. In less than a day, participants of Record’s reality show broke the confinement rules three times. As a result, they lost bread, hot water and the right to use the gym.

The first punishment occurred in the morning: Solange Gomes and Diane Melo, climbed by the farmer City Matos To care for the cow, they did not respect the time of animal care. Therefore, the house will have to spend 24 hours without bread.

At night, Diane broke regulations by using the sink in the headquarters bathroom. Since she is in the cabin, she can only use the bathroom in her space. The person’s slip cost his teammates 24 hours of hot water.

finally, solange He also stumbled while brushing his teeth in the headquarters bathroom. She realized her mistake and ran to finish cleaning the booth, but the violation was already noticed by the production, which punished all participants with the seal of the academy.

Valentina Francavilla Note that taking away the pedestrian’s opportunity to practice gymnastics appears to have been a hand-picked punishment by the team. Erasmus Viana, one of the biggest fitness enthusiasts on the show, had properly argued with Solange the night before.

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