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Pedestrian accuses Marcia Vu of being manipulated by Marilyn Matos · TV News

Pedestrian accuses Marcia Vu of being manipulated by Marilyn Matos · TV News

The workers at A Fazenda 15 suspect that Marcia Fu has created a character in confinement. Sander Mecca raised the point that Marlin Matos advised the former volleyball player and that he would create an image to capture the public’s interest based on the advice of the former manager of Xuxa Meneghel. “He led Marcia step by step,” the singer accused.

In a conversation with the group of children, Yuri Meirelles suggested that the former athlete had embedded herself in an identity that suggested poverty, to generate a feeling of pity in the audience of Record’s rural reality show.

“It comes with a simpler visual identity, it has a great vibe and everyone knows it,” the model said.

He added: “She is someone who entertains us. I love her and support her, but she is not good. She has bad advice and bad strategy. She ends up being inconsistent with everyone because she only thinks about saving herself.”

Mecca then explained that Marlene Matos advised this person before entering into the dispute in the amount of R$1.5 million. “Marlene Matos is not just a counselor. She is someone who led Marcia step by step as she makes people happen, and takes control of their personal lives,” he warned.

“she [Marlene] She gets the picture and is a bit Machiavellian. She wants her man’s personal life to be bad. I made Xuxa be Xuxa. She sure did all this, coming in little clothes, crying… Marcia is a great advisor!” the former Hurricane declared.

Marilyn Matos has already announced her support for Marcia Fu in a social media post. “Marcia, my fans admire you! I know the reasons that led you there. It’s a challenge every day, because it’s completely new for you. Play, but also have fun. See who can leave as a friend. Keep fighting. Let’s see what you can,” said the businesswoman. to happen”.

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After that, the members of the Cubs group were still criticizing the way the Olympic medalist played within the A Fazenda 15. “In terms of her game, she fell down. I spoke with Radamès and Lucas. And Andre had the idea of ​​putting her on the field.” Sunset. The sun, but not everyone wanted that. She’s not stupid and everyone has already given her the vision,” Yuri complained.