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Paypal offers a R$50 voucher to users;  See how you get it

Paypal offers a R$50 voucher to users; See how you get it

Discount can be applied in multiple stores

the PayPal It started, this Thursday (16), an opportunity for its users: just by clicking on a link you can get a coupon 50.00 BRL To use it as you like. The money can still be used today December 31.

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The offer acts as a discount on purchases made through Paypal. The coupon is valid in many stores that accept payment in the national currency except for window e Del. It is also necessary to check that the desired institution does not accept payments using a digital wallet – such as Shopee, for example.

But the list of platforms that accept the benefit is extensive. You can use your money on Facebook social networking site; X-Box; Microsoft; it is in; novim; Bahia Homes; Uber; 99 apps; Rabbi; Ingresso.com And much more.

The promotion spread in such a way that the Nuuvem site went down in the early afternoon. However, the company soon manifested itself and made sure the site was back on the air.

Find out how to redeem and redeem a Paypal voucher worth R$50

Offer can be simply redeemed. Follow step by step:

  1. Click on this link to reach the promotion;
  2. pressure “Save the offer”;
  3. If you don’t have your account open yet, do sign in or register
  4. ready! Go to page “a file” And after that, check the tab “offers”. Your money stays there.

On the Offers page, the option to use the coupon on your next purchase will be selected. This means that when you arrive at any institution and choose to pay via Paypal, the discount will be applied automatically.

Remember that the offer is not available to everyone who tries. In this case, the user receives a notification with the phrase: “You may not be eligible for this offer.”

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