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Paulistão final beats Mundial, Globo scores rare ibope feat on Sunday TV News

Paulistão final beats Mundial, Globo scores rare ibope feat on Sunday TV News

The last match in the Paulista Championship 2021, São Paulo x Palmeiras He scored an average of 30.1 points in Greater Sao Paulo on Sunday (23). The state final was seen more than all the FIFA Club World Cup matches, From the Globo Brazil and Brazil Cup in the 2020/2021 season.

With a good match performance, the broadcaster closed with 16.5 points at midday (7 am to midnight), which is higher than all days of last week, which is rare. In 2021, this happened only once – on February 7, when Globo scored an average of 17.1 in one The Sunday marked BBB21 and the Club World Cup.

On that occasion, Palmeiras match against Tigres (Mexico) scored an average of 26.3 points. In other words, the classics that won the title against Sao Paulo in Paulistau surpassed that match.

The state decision 2021 is Globo’s best soccer book in Greater São Paulo since August 8th Last year, when the Palmeiras duel against Corinthians for the 2020 Paulista Final scored an average of 34.4.

In the past nine months, matches from the Brazilian Championship, Brazil Cup, Brazilian Super Cup, World Cup Qualifiers, World Cup and Polestao 2021 have been broadcast, but nothing has been awarded more than 30 points from ibope. In that period the São Paulo x Flamengo duel, in the final round from Brazil, was closest to this indicator, with 28.3 ibope.

See below the hearings on Sunday, May 23, in Greater São Paulo:

Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 16.5
Holy block 5,7
Paulista antenna 6,8
Small Business Big Business 7,3
Globo Rural 11,0
Motorsports 9,9
An amazing sport 8.5
Maximum temperature: Peter Pan 11,6
Sandy and Junior – Historia 11,5
Paulista Championship: Sao Paulo – Palmeiras (Final) 30,1
Domingao Faustao 21,4
Nice 22,3
On the edge 14,4
Major Sunday: Lucy 11,9
Cinema: Troia 8,1
The Great Owl: The List 5,5
1 o’clock 5,3
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Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 5.3
Religious 0,4
Kids track record 4,0
Cinema Mayor: The Imaginary World of Dr. Parnassus 4,6
Faro Time 4,3
Sang with me 7,0
Wonderful Sunday 10,1
Camera recording 5,4
Chicago Fire 2,8
Religious 0,6
Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 6.1
Journal da Semana SBT 2,4
Take to the road 2,5
accelerated 2,1
Always well 2,0
Great news 3,3
Sunday legal 6,6
Ileana 7,7
Wheel to wheel 7,4
Tele Sina 7,1
Silvio Santos Program 7,2
The accused: guilty or innocent? 3,3
The power is in focus 2,0
The crime does not help 1.7
The first effect 2,0

Source: Issuers

Each point equates to 76,577 families in the Grand Syrian Lira