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Paulinho's speech and the happiness of Rger Guedes represent the victory of the Corinthians;  Watch the video

Paulinho’s speech and the happiness of Rger Guedes represent the victory of the Corinthians; Watch the video

Corinthians The third consecutive victory in the 2022 Paulista Championship This is Wednesday. Alvengra defeated Sao Bernardo 3-0 at the New Coimica Arena. As a result, Timão increased his advantage by leading Group A into the tournament.

Backstage at the duel has been released Corinthian TVWhere speeches were given by the athletes and interim coach Fernando Lazaro. The lines were made before and after the ball rolled for the seventh round of the competition.

before the match

Before the match started, Paulinho, Fernando Lazaro and Cassio motivated the group. They talked about the importance of looking for the result from the beginning. For this, they indicated that they should enter into contact, enjoying playing football and knowing how to impose themselves at home.

“Let’s get in really well, connect, and win the f**king game. Look how beautiful it is to win. Let’s carry on this confidence and this joy guys,” Paulinho began.

“It is a pleasure to play football, it is a pleasure to play ball. It is a pleasure to go there, and I want the ball from the first moment. I want to take the ball so that we can play there. If we think the opposite, we would like the ball, said the interim coach. Fernando Lazaro: “We will just play, we will risk chasing an experienced team that knows how to play. The pleasure is to get the ball back in play. A good match for everyone.”

And Cassio added: “Enforce, guys, impose. We play at home. We are responsible for the game, but it has to be from the first minute. Let’s start.”

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post game

After the final whistle, more players made statements. Willian, Roger Geddes, Renato Augusto and Giuliano, who were key figures in the match, expressed their feelings. The first two were goal-makers of the night, while the last two contributed assists.

“I think the team, from the first minute, strove for victory. We did a good first half, and their team was very close. We distributed the ball a lot and made their team tired. In the second half, their team was more tired, we got the spaces and were able to score the goals that She gave us the win,” Willian analyzed.

“It’s always good to score. Every striker loves to score. I was really upset. I was talking to my teammates. Giuliano was able to help me, Renato too. So, I’m happy. If they find me. I will always be close to the goal. I am very happy.” To help my teammates. Today, once again, for goals and victory,” Roger Geddes celebrated.

“Happy with the victory. The first half was not as good as we would have liked, but the Sao Bernardo team also has a lot of merit, which is very good. In the second half, we were able to fit the passes better, we were able to play better and the result. So to be congratulated. Everyone,” congratulated Renato Augusto.

“An important victory. We are improving in the competition. We faced a team that until then was a well-deserved leader of the championship. A very organized team, who sold the defeat dearly, who fought, and managed the whole match, but we also need to appreciate our teamwork. We played an excellent match, with Good triangles, three goals, we conceded no goal at home, and we got the support of our fans as well. So, these were the conditions for us to play a good game, perform and win,” concluded Giuliano.

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Watch behind the scenes of the Corinthian victory

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