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Passenger with microphone trying to give a 'lecture' about Covid in plane;  watch |  Globalism

Passenger with microphone trying to give a ‘lecture’ about Covid in plane; watch | Globalism

A passenger tried to give a lecture on the ‘real origin’ of the Covid-19 pandemic while on a trip in United State, but was contained by the flight attendants – with some difficulty.

And the unknown woman with the headset microphone, carried it in her carry-on, began to speak in the hallway.

Another passenger, Jawny, recorded the scene and stated that he bought a package of wi-fi just so he could stream the “lecture” live on his Tik Tok channel (watched above) on Sunday (17).

“This is my microphone and you can’t take it. I brought my microphone, I’m going to use it,” says the woman to a flight attendant trying to persuade her to stop talking.

She then took a few steps, surrounded by more crew members, who are trying to contain her, and addresses the other passengers: “The epidemic started because humans lost some of their faith.”

At this point, a female employee announced that if she did not cooperate, she might have her hands tied because the flight was disrupted.

The woman replied, “I don’t need to tie my hands.” “I’m completely harmless. Besides, I think everyone enjoys it because, like I said, I’m not awful to look at,” he says.

He continues, “The reason the pandemic started is because there is no one here who has more faith, because you are stuck with your stupid devices and you don’t know what the reality is anymore.”

Filming ends at this point, and the author of the video does not inform about what happened next.

In a statement to the Insider website, Delta confirmed that the event occurred on one of its flights, which was on its way to New York, but did not mention its source.

“The safety of our customers and employees is always our priority. We are aware of the video and appreciate the quick thinking of our crew, who applied their extensive training to mitigate the situation safely. The flight continued to JFK and landed on time, without incident,” the text read.